Monday, May 19, 2008

Two Stylish Ladies

My grandmother, Hazlette (Brubaker) Phend, and her sister Jane Stoffer Jacobs at Goose Lake, Whitley County, Indiana during the summer of 1954. They may well be "rolling in their grave" at my posting this picture but I think they'd be rolling over with laughter.

Submitted to the 49th Carnival of Genealogy, swimsuit edition.


Jasia said...

Judging by the big smiles on their faces I'd say these ladies had a sense of humor and are probably chuckling over your posting their picture! Love it!

Thomas MacEntee said...

This brings back memories of lake swimming in upstate New York - and how much I hated it! It seems these women don't mind as much!

wendy said...

Looks like they were having a great time!

Terry Thornton said...

BECKY, Thanks for your two lovely ladies in swimsuits (yes, I think they are smiling still!).

Janice said...


My mom is shaking her finger at me for my post.... and smiling at the same time. I'm sure your grandmother is too! A very cute photo.

Cow Hampshire