Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

1928 - - 1943

1945 - -1966

1970 - - 1993

1996 - - 2008


Jasia said...

Happy Birthday Becky's Mom!

Great photos Becky. Your mom is quite photogenic. What a nice progression through her 80 years!

footnoteMaven said...


What a beautiful Birthday Tribute! This is a wonderful act of love for your Mom.

Happy Birthday Becky's Mom!


Miriam Robbins said...

Lovely idea! Happy Birthday!

Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

This is such a nice little "this is your life" album of sorts for your mother's birthday. Happy 80th birthday to her!

Small-leaved Shamrock
A light that shines again
100 Years in America

Terry Thornton said...

Becky, What a lovely lady. It is easy to see where the pretty child pictured in your next post got her good looks.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

A belated, very Happy Birthday to your Mom!