Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Did What? The Closing Ceremonies!

Thomas has posted the Genea-Blogger Games: Closing Ceremonies with some interesting tidbits about the games as well as the flags of all medal winners along with their medal count.

Among other interesting facts regarding the games that Thomas provided is that 35 of the 38 people who entered the competition were able to complete one or more events as planned and earn at least one medal. A total of 120 medals were awarded, of which there were 40 Platinum, 33 Diamond, 24 Gold, 10 Silver and 13 Bronze. Be sure to read the rest of his post for more information and to see who did what. Great job, everyone! Are you ready for 2010?

So, how did I do? The details are here. . .

  • Cite Sources: Bronze
  • Back Up Data: Gold
  • Organize Research: Platinum

  • Write, Write, Write: Diamond
  • Genealogical Acts of Kindness: Platinum


  1. Congratulations on all your medals! Wow! I'm impressed with the extraordinary efforts put out by all the participants. A special thanks to Thomas, Miriam and Kathryn for their efforts organizing both the Genea-Bloggers group and these games. What a wonderful way to build community!

  2. Thanks Denise. It was fun and challenging! By the way, I'm glad you made it through "Fay" okay.


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