Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Getting to know Genea-Bloggers

A few weeks ago, a challenge was issued to all genea-bloggers by Terry Thornton at Hill Country of Monroe County. The task was to write a post about ourselves and our blog so that we, and our readers, might get to know each other a little etter. In addition to writing a bit about ourselves, we were to select our best posts to fit the categories of "bright, breezy, and beautiful."

The deadline has come and gone, resulting in 40 participants and 42 blogs being represented. Terry has published the roundup of posts in three parts:

Part 1. ROUNDUP at HILL COUNTRY, Getting to Know You: Overture: Act 1, Scenes 1 - 15

Part 2. ROUNDUP at HILL COUNTRY, Getting to Know You: Act 2, Scenes 16 - 30

Part 3. ROUNDUP at HILL COUNTRY, Getting to Know You: Act 3, Scenes 31 - 42; inale and Reprise

My contribution to the challenge was Getting to know me, getting to know kinexxions...

In conjunction with the "Getting to Know Me" challenge, the Genea-Blogger Gnome has also been making the rounds and visiting the participants, courtesy of Terry Thornton.

Thanks to Terry for all of his hard work in putting this special event together. Good Job!

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