Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Visit to Pisgah Marsh

We had our first frost Friday night and Saturday was a beautiful fall day, though a little chilly in the morning. After running some errands I decided to play hooky!

Pisgah Marsh is located in the northwest corner of Whitley County, not far from the Noble and Kosciusko county lines. It is a Wildlife Diversity Area owned by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The road used to go through to the other side. The area flooded so often that eventually the water just never went away. I've visited before but this time I had my camera with me. And I had the place all to my self!

Left: Dire warnings near the entrance. Right: On the boardwalk. The trees pretty much hide the view of the marsh to the west. All you could hear were the sounds of the leaves rustling in the breeze, little unseen animals scurrying in the underbrush, and the birds. Didn't see any eagles though.

Left: Pisgah Lake, at the north end of the boardwalk. The water is only a few feet deep. Some geese were landing and taking off but didn't stick around long. It was very peaceful. Right: Some berries along the shores of the lake.

Left: More berries. Right: Looking to the northwest. A preview of the colors to come.

After spending some time on the boardwalk I ventured down the road. Left: The view to the north. The boardwalk is in those trees on the right. The sign says "State Refuge. Do Not Enter. No Trespassing, Hunting, or Fishing." Like, I'm going to go in there! Right: The view from the road, looking south. The water is covered with what I call green slime. There were fish in it, I heard some jumping, and saw the ripples they left in the water.

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