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Abigail Joslin :: 1870 Marriage to Samuel Pingree

Photocopies of the marriage record for Abigail Joslin and Samuel Pingree were received in October 2004 from Jon Pontzius. He had received them from Donna Shoemaker Ihns sometime in 2003. Jon and Donna are both descendants of Asa Shoemaker. Jon is also a descendant of Price Goodrich and Donna is a descendant of his sister, Abigail Goodrich Joslin. Thus they are double cousins to each other and each is also related to me! Confusing, eh? What would we do without fellow family researchers willing to share information?

Front of packet:
Marriage License No. 418
Samuel K. Pingaree and Abigal Joslin
Issued June 25, 1870
Married June 30, 1870
Registered July 7, 1870
on page 30 of Marriage Register
F. G. Newton, Clerk


Marriage License
State of Illinois, Henry County

To any person legally authorized to solemnize Marriage
You are hereby authorized To join in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony and to celebrate the Rites and Ceremonies of Marriage between Mr. Samuel K. Pingree and Mrs. Abigal Joslin according to the usual custom and laws of the State of Illinois, and you are required to return this License to me within thirty days from the celebration of such Marriage, with a Certificate of the same appended thereto and signed by you under the Penalty of One hundred Dollars.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal of said County this Twenty Fifth day of June AD 1870
F. G. Welton, By L. C. Caufield [?] Deputy County Clerk

State of Illinois, Henry County } SS
I James Shelten a Preacher of the Gospel hereby certify that on the 30th day of June 1870 I joined in Marriage Mr. Samuel Pingree with Mrs. Abigail Joslin agreeably to the authority given in the above License & on the custom & laws of this State. Given under my hand and seal this 30th day of June AD 1870. James Shelden, seal.


Samuel and Abigail were found in the 1870 census residing in Phoenix, Henry County, Illinois (page 12/130, dwelling 83, household 83): Saml K Pingree is 61 years old and is a Domestic Servant. He was born in Maine and cannot read or write. Abigail is 65 years old and keeping house. She was born in Conn [Connecticut) and cannot read or write. Also in the household is Ester, 91 years old and born in N.H. [New Hampshire]. Most likely she is Samuel's mother.

They were found in 1880 in Phenix, Henry County, Illinois (page 6, dwelling 59, household 60): Samuel Pingree is a 71 year old farmer. He was born in Maine and his parents were born in New Hampshire. Abigal is his 75 year old wife. She is keeping house and was born in Connecticut. Her parents were born in Connecticut.

The census records "fit" the information that is known about Abigail Goodrich Joslin. She was born about 1805 in Hartford County, Connecticut.

Additional research by Donna did not uncover a cemetery or burial record for Abigail or Samuel in Henry County. She did find a record of Samuel selling his land on March 12, 1888 to Nicholas O'Bryan. Samuel Pingree was "of" Marvin, Phillips County, Kansas at the time. Donna did not find any record of Samuel owning land there or a cemetery record for Samuel or Abigail.

Donna also said that Joseph Shoemaker (husband of Fanny Joslin) was buying and selling land in Henry County but she didn't give me any dates. By 1860 Fanny and Joseph were living in Page County, Iowa. They were still in Whitley County, Indiana in 1850. Donna stated that records in other states (Iowa and Oklahoma) show that Joseph was a land speculator, buying and selling land wherever they lived.

We know that Edwin Joslin, Fanny's brother, was residing in Henry County, Illinois in 1860. So it is likely that Fanny and her husband were there also. Perhaps Abigail followed them shortly after the 1860 census (she was still in Whitley County then). It is also possible that the Mary Joslin who married J C Whited on July 3, 1862 in Henry County is Mary Lucicia, daughter of James and Abigail Joslin. Additional research needs to be done to try and verify it, but it does seem feasible.

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