Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jonas Joslin :: 1850 Ohio Census

The Jonas Joslin family was originally found on microfilm of the 1850 census in Liberty Township, Delaware County, Ohio. Knowing that the surname was misspelled by the census taker as "Gloslin" an alternate name request was submitted to ancestry. As a result, they now show up in the online index when searching for Joslin.

Page 417/208a Dwelling 1511 Family 1514

  • Jonas Gloslin, 81, Real Estate valued at $1500, born Mass
  • Jonas Gloslin Jr., 42, born Canada
  • Lucy Gloslin, 42, born NY
  • John Gloslin, 21, born Ohio
  • Leucretia Gloslin, 19, born Ohio
  • Nancy Gloslin, 16, born Ohio
  • Jane Gloslin, 15, born Ohio
  • Wm Gloslin, 14, born Ohio
  • Mary Gloslin, 9, born Ohio
  • Elisabeth Gloslin, 7, born Ohio
  • Charles Gloslin, 2, born Ohio
Page 418/208b continuation of Dwelling 1511 Family 1514
  • Fanny Gloslin, 40, born Canada

Page 418/208b Dwelling 1512 Family 1515

  • Benjamin Bartholomew, 70, born Conn
  • J Gloslin, 21, born Ohio
  • Lovina Gloslin, 21, born Ohio
  • Franklin Gloslin, 1, born Ohio

Note that Jonas Sr. is listed with a real estate valuation rather than Jonas Jr., which I find a bit odd since James Joslin sold the original homestead to Jonas Jr. in 1837. The land records need to be checked to see if there are other transactions for them, it could be that Jonas Jr. sold that land.

The J Gloslin enumerated in the household of Benjamin Bartholomew is probably John Joslin, son of Jonas Jr., although John is also listed in the household of Jonas Sr. (John H. Joslin was married on June 13, 1848 to Lovina M. Pain).

The other item of interest revealed in this record is birthplaces: Jonas Sr. was listed as born in Massachusetts; Jonas Jr. and Fanny were both born in Canada.

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