Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Bend :: Snow in the Chisos

It doesn't snow that often at Big Bend but the day after my aborted trek to Laguna Meadows, it snowed. The high temperature reported on the 22nd was 86° though I didn't think it got that warm. But in the early hours of the morning of the 23rd the temperature plummeted. I awoke to snow on the windshield. I stayed in my sleeping bag for quite a while but once my feet got cold I had to get up and moving, which was no easy task since I was stiff and sore from two days of hiking!

I started up the van to get warm while eating some breakfast. Once I got warm and added several more layers of clothing, I actually felt quite comfortable. Until I got into some wind. I went to the Visitors Center and looked at the exhibits, again. Then I went out and took some pictures.

Looking west toward the window. 11:11 am.

Casa Grande. 11:17 a.m.

Creepy tree with Casa Grande in the background.

What do you do if it is too cold to just sit around the picnic table and you don't want to go for a hike? You go for a drive, to lower elevations and hopefully some sunshine.

About halfway down the mountains. 3:11 pm.

The Chisos Mountains, from the northwest side. 4:00 pm.

The Chisos Mountains, from the east side. 5:16 pm.

Casa Grande. 5:57 pm.

The only trace left of the snow in the evening was in the trees in the high elevations.

Photographs taken February 23, 2010.


Barbara said...

I could just hug your pictures, they are so beautiful. What a nice way to begin a Saturday looking at them.

Apple said...

I was hoping you were done with snow! It is beautiful but at the same time it seems wrong to see a cactus with snow on it. Your creepy tree shot is fantastic!