Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easy on the Eyes!

After spending nearly six weeks in the dry, mostly brown, desert regions of Texas and California, I left Death Valley this morning. About an hour ago, just west of Tehachapi on California Highway 58, I drove into this wonderful, refreshing area that was definitely easy on the eyes. I didn't realize how much I've missed seeing "green" until I came into this... I stood there alongside the road for abut 15 minutes, just taking it all in. So nice!

I've decided to take a "break" from the desert scene for a few days and am headed for the Coast of California! I'll be joining some friends at the Grand Canyon about the middle of April... For now, I am looking for a State Park near a community with a library with good wifi so I spend some time writing some blog posts and get them scheduled so that I can get caught up. Stay tuned, more posts coming soon, I hope!

This post is coming to you courtesy of McDonalds and AT&T wifi near Bakersfield, California. Moving on now. Will "see" y'all later.


Apple said...

Enjoy the coast! We're still waiting on green here:( Glad you found some.

Sheri said...

Becky! You made it to California! If you mosey your way to the Northern part of the state, please let me know. I'd love to meet up with you somewhere. Or you are welcome to come here to Stockton. It's on the top ten list as armpit of the universe but we are 1 hour away from San Francisco and 30 minutes from Sacramento. And Kathryn Doyle, Craig Manson, Cheryl Palmer, Steve Danko, and many more of us geneabloggers live up here. We could have a genea-lunch or brunch!