Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Seminole Canyon Rock Art

The morning of February 20th I took the guided tour to see some of the “Rock Art” in the canyon. The hike to the site wasn't too bad and it was worth the effort to get there. It was a grayish cloudy day, a little chilly and quite windy.

We had descended into the canyon, and now were going up to where the drawings are located.

The overhang sheltered the drawings for many years. But time and changing environmental conditions have taken their toll.

The tour guide discussing the drawings with one of the group.

This image has been enhanced a little to bring out the faded drawings. It is amazing to consider that these were made several thousand years ago, and that we will likely never know what they meant.

The tour was over by 11:30 and after a brief break for lunch, I left Seminole Canyon at noon.

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