Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arches Revisited

Ten days ago I left Hovenweep National Monument and continued north toward Moab. My intention was to stay a few days and spend some time at Arches National Park. I immensely enjoyed my visit there, about a year ago. However, after a stop at the visitor center, where I learned that most of the campgrounds in the area were already full and booked for the weekend, I resumed driving. There is a State Park at Green River about 45 minutes northwest of Moab and, as luck would have it, they still had quite a few campsites available. It was mid-afternoon when I checked in and before the sun set the campground was full.

The next morning (Friday the 13th), I decided to stay at Green River State Park for the weekend. It was a gorgeous day and after doing a few chores in the morning took a drive over to Arches National Park.

One of the numerous formations at Arches. It was late afternoon and nearby formations cast their shadows, slowly creeping ever closer to this formation.

Another formation silhouetted against the skyline.

The snow-capped La Sal mountains rise up in the distance and dominate the horizon

Balancing Rock. From this angle it really does looks like it is doing a balancing act.

But as you walk around it, the angle of view and perspective change; it is securely attached to the base rock. In time, the wind and rain will erode the base further and some day, in the distant future, the balancing rock will be no more.

And, of course, the setting sun marked the end of another beautiful day!

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Unknown said...

And it was a bit cooler than it usually is at this time of year. That is a blessing. Isn't the west incredibly beautiful? I miss northeastern Indiana, but I love it "a way out here."