Monday, May 09, 2011

Mom :: Before she was Mom

My Mother would have been 83 years old today. I thought that I had seen all of the pictures of her through the years, but amongst her things we found the picture below. I don't know whether it is her or not but it was in the same drawer as her marriage license and certificate.

Whoever it is, she is a cutie! Below are some (okay, a lot of) confirmed photos of Mom. What do you think? Is the above photo my Mother? As always, double-click to view a larger version of the photos.

1928 and 1934

1936 and 1937

1941 and 1942

1943 – fifteen years old – yes, 15!

1944 – sixteen years old

1945 (Junior Prom) and 1946

In May 2008, for her 80th birthday, I posted some photos of her in her later years.


  1. The EYES have it! My vote, yepper!

  2. Becky, I agree with Carol. What a wonderful large collection of photos of your mother. The top photo is just adorable.

  3. Happy Birthday Becky's Mom! We are all toasting you and your fabulous daughter today! xo.

  4. I would bet a lot of money that this photo is your mom based on the other photos. The eyes are what convinced me too.

  5. I vote yes. Nose and upper lip also look similar.


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