Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Are These My People?

One of the things I “discovered” last week was that FamilySearch has Ohio, County Marriages, 1790-1950 online, which includes the name index and images and is 76% complete. Now, I realize that it has probably been “out there” for quite some time but it was a “new find” for me – it's been a while since I've done any research. I have lots of ancestors who married in Ohio and lots more of their siblings, children, and other relatives too that I'm sure will be found in that database! It's been tempting to gather those records but better judgment has prevailed and I've been concentrating on trying to find things here that aren't online and may not be available elsewhere.

When I had visited Muskingum County in 1992 I was unable to locate the marriage record for William B. Jones and Elizabeth Helms who were “married in Ohio in 1825” according to her obituary. They are my 4th great grandparents.

Anyway, yesterday morning temptation won and I got into the Ohio Marriages on FamilySearch, typed in William B. Jones, and got several pages of hits! Scrolling through the list I was looking for Elizabeth Helms (or any other variations) when, midway down the first page of hits, I came upon the entry for William B. Jones and Elizabeth Holmes. The year was right – 1825. Her last name was close. But the county was Licking – not Muskingum. That's okay though because Licking County borders Muskingum on the west.

But the question remains: Is this really the record for my ancestors? Of course, I think it is. But is it really? I refined my search a bit and entered the years from 1824 to 1826 just to see if there were other possibilities. There was no other marriage for a William Jones and Elizabeth in that time frame. So I really do think this record is for “my” William and Elizabeth...

The Jones-Holmes marriage is the third entry on page 211.
Licking County, Ohio Marriages.

Oct 3rd 1825 William B. Jones to Elizabeth Holmes
Licking County, ect Perry Township
I hereby certify that on the 3rd day of October A. D. 1825, the Marriage of William B. Jones and Elizabeth Holmes was solemnized by me, in due form of law. Given under my hand this 15th day of October, A.D. 1825.
J. H. Southard J. Peace

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Unknown said...

This is what is so frustrating for feminists who do genealogical research. Information found during genealogical research is often sketchy, but info for women ancestors is often meager, variable, and sketchy. It is so frustrating. I'm not doing research right now, somehow I've developed some sort of satiation, temporary no doubt, with the realization that I have Amish mitochondrial DNA (Amanda Brubaker Palmer.) As my anthropology profs told me, paternity is always problematic. But maternity if far less so.