Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a View!

Tuesday, June 7th - - Man joined us for lunch again – this time we went to The Pantry at The Lions House. We all selected the “Coca Cola Roast Pork” and were not disappointed. It was so tender you could cut it with a fork and it was scrumptious. The food here in Salt Lake City has been excellent!

After lunch, and even though it was my next-to-last day of research, Man insisted that we take in the view from the 27th floor of the Church Office Building. It was definitely well worth the time. The weather couldn't have been much better.

Looking west and a little south with The Temple in the foreground and the Tabernacle (oblong , shiney building) behind it. And behind the Tabernacle is the Family History Library. The tall building south of the Library is the Plaza Hotel.

Looking west along North Temple Street. The building to the right of the Tabernacle is the North Visitors Center. Off in the distance is the Great Salt Lake. If you look closely in the pictures below, it appears as a narrow strip of light blue running along the base of the mountains.

Looking west and a little north. The building on the right, with the trees on the roof, is the Conference Center.

Looking toward the northwest.

Looking north toward the Capital Building.

The view to the east. North Temple Street on the left and South Temple Street on the right. The campus of the University of Utah stretches along the foot of the mountains.

And, finally, a view to the southeast.


Carol said...

You were right, that camera out the little disc hole thingy worked really well! I have yet to look at my photos, maybe I will just borrow yours! LOL

Particularly like the photo of the capital.

By the way, was it 27, maybe he just whispered 26 in my ear so I would not panic like on the Tram. LOL

BlueGirl said...

Great pics of SLC. I'm taking notes for my trip in Aug? Congratulations on your happy dance moments.