Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Estate of John Rupert :: Widows Allowance

The will of John Rupert dated October 17, 1828 was admitted to probate in Columbiana County, Ohio in August of 1831. Below is the (very short) list of items allowed for the widow.

Widow's Allowance. Estate of John Rupart. Packet 1439.
Family History Library microfilm 2032592.

Schedule of property set off by the appraisers to Barbary Rupard widow of John Rupard decd
One cow appraised at ------------ $12.00
Six hogs [appraised at] ---------- $12.00
One Bed [appraised at] ----------- $7.00
[total] $31.00

Given under my hand this ------- day of ------- 1832.

Philip Andrew
David Wiley
Peter Guisinger

= + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + =

This document absolutely boggles my mind! Surely this can't be all that was set aside for her? Perhaps it was in addition to what was mentioned in John's will in which he bequeathed “unto my wife Barbara all her clothing bed and beding her Spinning wheel and reel all my household furniture which I may have at my decease, during her natural life time and also all the rents interest and income of my place for her Support and maintenance during her natural life, and after her decease I allow my real and personal property to be sold by my executor...”

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