Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Campobello Island :: Sunset

Thursday, September 20th - -   Another very nice day was coming to an end. I was driving around Campobello Island looking for a good spot from which to view the sunset. The weather had been as close to perfect as you can get for this time of year and clouds had developed in the western sky, foretelling of the rain that was forecast for tomorrow.

 Do you see that streak of color on the left? I had seen something like that a few days before but had not been in a place where I could stop to photograph it. Today I was able to pull safely off the side of the road... It wasn't a rainbow since it wasn't raining and it certainly wasn't in the shape of a traditional rainbow. The streak of color remained in the sky for about 10 minutes then gradually faded away.

And the sunset? Oh, yes. It was magnificent. As an old man I spoke with the next morning put it "The sky just went ballistic!" He was so right. And the photos don't really do it justice.

I couldn't resist taking a panoramic shot, which included the moon (that little white streak in the upper left-hand corner). You're gonna have to double-click the image to view a larger version.

I moved to a location a little further along the road for a slightly different viewpoint. A few minutes later the color had disappeared from the sky.

My one day on Campobello Island was almost over. The next day (Friday, September 21st) I would travel west, back to Belfast, where I would spend 3 days with my cousin Anita (my dad and her mother were brother and sister) and her husband Tom. We got caught up on everything since my previous visit 3 years ago. We talked about so many things during our time together, reminiscing about our younger days and discussing various family members (both living and dead). Yes, it was a very good visit. Thank you, Tom and Anita! I treasure the time we had together.


  1. No words, stunning does not begin to describe, that 3rd from the bottom, takes my breath away. Panoramic is wonderful (yep, I clicked on it).

  2. I thought the first picture was spectacular - then I scrolled down the page.

  3. Wow! I have never been able to capture a sunset as well as you do! Stunning.....

  4. That panorama is spectacular. Great work Becky.

  5. Love your pictures! I asked John about that rainbow type streak and he said it's called a sun dog and then launched into a highly technical explanation that totally lost me, so maybe you can google sun dog and find a layman's explanation :) Babs


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