Monday, May 28, 2007

In Memoriam - Teresa Wiseman Plybon (1954-2007)

My little sister, Teresa Jane Wiseman Ratcliff Plybon was born January 31, 1954 at Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana and died February 18, 2007 at Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Florida. She had just celebrated her 53rd birthday. The picture below, of Terry and Mom, was taken March 11, 2004 on our last trip to Florida.

It's sad to say, but I didn't really know my sister. She was 6 years younger than I was and I was pretty much gone from home after I graduated from high school - she was 12 years old then. I moved to Fort Wayne, joined the Navy, went to college and when I returned home in 1982, she was all grown up, married, and divorced, with two daughters. Five years later she moved to Daytona Beach, Florida, with her second husband, where she lived the rest of her life. On January 19, 1989, she had another child, a son, Edgar Delano Plybon. He survives, as does her husband Edgar Lee Plybon, and her two daughters from her first marriage, Tami and Carrie, and four grandchildren.

I saw Terry four times during the 20 years she lived in Florida. So, my memories of her are fleeting, bits and pieces here and there. She was a good-natured kid, overweight most of her life, generous to a fault. She'd give you the shirt off her back if you needed it more than she did. She was always giving to others, even when she didn't have anything, which was most of the time. She did the best she could under the circumstances. She had an infectious laugh and a great sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

hi not much of a writer as you can tell but to let you know my name is Patty Plybon im big Eds sister he aoso passed away age 48 about one year after Treasa,Im pretty sure you met my mom Erma well mama says hello. Im sorry about Terry, lil eddie is leaving in Grayson ky my bro Dale and he live in same town dales wife Joyce and Eddie work in same place and mommy and me live in Ohio together well Isaw your post show my respect Patty Plybon

Becky Wiseman said...

Hi Patty. Thank you. Yes, I've met your mother - If you see this tell her I said hello too. We knew about big Ed 'cause little Eddie contacted us at the time. Have been wondering what little Eddie is up to and where he is living. If he wants to be in touch he can email me at - thanks again for paying your respects. It is appreciated.