Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers and Grandmothers

Left: My Mother Right: Me and Grandma with cousins Jim, Mike, Kathy and Tom.

My 2nd Great Grandmothers, Malissa Joslin Brubaker Bower and Lovina Berlin Yarian with my aunt Phyllis Phend, about 1924.

Today being Mother's Day, I spent most of the day with Mom, just the two of us. It was a very pleasant day. That being said, my tribute for Mother's Day will not be for her, but for all the mothers that came before to get us to this time and place... some known, some unknown. Here are the known, through my Mother and back eight generations:

Hazlette (Brubaker) Phend Dunn Ferguson (1902-1984) Indiana

Maude Catherine (Wise) Brubaker Yontz (1877-1953) Indiana
Susie Lula (Yarian) Phend (1872-1956) Indiana

Louisa (Fisher) Phend (1827-1898) Germany, Ohio, Indiana
Lovina Viola (Berlin) Yarian (1845-1932) Ohio, Indiana
Malissa Mariah (Joslin) Brubaker Bower (1849-1937) Indiana
Sophia Elizabeth (Dunfee) Wise (1850-1916) Indiana

Susanna (Kübli) Phend (1785-1856) Switzerland, Ohio, Indiana
Christenia (Houck) Fisher (1805- ? ) Germany, Ohio
Elizabeth (Switzer) Yarian (1815-1894) Ohio
Susannah (Hoffman) Berlin (1804-1880) Ohio, Indiana
Sarah (Foster) Parkison (1818-1904) Ohio, Indiana
Lydia (Robison) Joslin (1825-1899) Ohio, Indiana
Malissa Ann (Stem) Wise (1833-1901) Ohio, Indiana
Catherine (Jones) Dunfee (1829-1903) Ohio, Indiana

Catharina Phend (1754-1797) Switzerland
Verena (Laederich) Kübli (1747-1824) Switzerland
Eva (Rupert) Yarian (1786-1866) Pennsylvania, Ohio
Mary Catherine - wife of Jacob Switzer (about 1790 - ? ) Pennsylvania, Ohio
Juliana (Dietzler) Berlin (about 1772 - ? ) Pennsylvania
Catherine (Coy) Hoffman (1779-1852) Maryland, Ohio
Nancy (Neel) Brubaker (1797-1851) Ohio
Margaret "Peggy" (Myers) Foster (1797-1820) Ohio
Abigail (Goodrich) Joslin (about 1805-after 1882) Ohio, Indiana
Anna - wife of Henry Robison (about 1794 - ? ) Ohio, Indiana
Christena - wife of Peter Wise (1801-1884) Ohio, Indiana
Indiana (Sisley) Stem (1809-1888) Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Sophia Elizabeth (Hazlett) Dunfee (1794-1864) Ohio, Indiana
Elizabeth (Helms) Jones (1804-1883) Ohio, Indiana

Magdalena (Tschiemer) Phend (1722-1797) Switzerland
Anna (Frutiger) Kübli (1720-1790) Switzerland
Margaretha (Williams) Yerion (1745-1833) Pennsylvania
Susan (Wagner) Berlin (about 1744 - ? ) Pennsylvania
Susanna (Alder) Hoffman (about 1760 - ? ) Pennsylvania, Ohio
Mary - wife of Henry Coy (about 1755 - about 1785) Maryland, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth (Steinweg) Brubaker (about 1765-about 1821) Pennsylvania
Rebecca (Franks) Neel (1768- ? ) Pennsylvania, Ohio
Magdalena (Daniel) Foster (1755-1823) Virginia, Ohio
Margaret - wife of John Myers (about 1770- ? ) Ohio
Ruth (Dyer) Joslin (1771-1830) Vermont, Ohio
Sally (Church) Goodrich (1780-about 1831) Connecticut, Ohio
Margaret (Ellis) Sisley (1773-1870) Pennsylvania
Mary - wife of George Dunfee (about 1760 - ?) Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio
Elizabeth - wife of Jonathan Hazlett (1762-1848) Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio
Mary (Swigart) Helms (1777- ? ) Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana

Barbara (Zwahlen) Phend (1701- ? ) Switzerland
Margreth (Egger) Tschiemer (about 1695- ? ) Switzerland
Maria Magdalena - wife of Mathias Jurion (1705-1763) Pennsylvania
Anna Margarita (Euler) Berlin (about 1720-about 1807) Pennsylvania
Anna Elizabeth (Andriges) Kau (about 1720- ? ) the Pfalz ?
Christina Barbara (Kleist) Daniel (1734-1770) Pennsylvania
Sarah (Tarbell) Joslin (1741-1810) Massachusetts
Abigail (Price) Goodrich (1754-1827) Connecticut, Ohio

Lucy (Wilder) Joslin (1715- ? ) Massachusetts
Elizabeth (Bowers) Tarbell (1707-1756) Massachusetts
Sarah (Dewey) Goodrich (1712-1782) Connecticut

[note: Updated with some links and additional names May 11, 2008]


Anonymous said...


What a great post; wonderful photos and content. I found your post through the Carnival of Genealogy and it was well worth the trip!! Cheryl

Miriam Robbins said...

Great photos and list, Becky! You've done a lot of research!

Becky Wiseman said...

Thank you both. I'm so fortunate that my grandmother and other family members have shared their photographs with me. It's been lots of work and great fun to research these families over the past 20 years or so. I'm looking forward to another 20 years (or more!) to flesh out additional information on these and other ancestors. Thanks for stopping by.

Christina | said...

Thanks Becky, great post and pictures! I wish I knew as much about my mother's side of the family!