Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nothing Special - A bit of a Mystery

The topic for the October 1st Carnival of Genealogy is Weddings! I've participated in each of the carnivals since I started blogging in January of this year but thought this might be one in which I wouldn't be able to contribute. As far as I know, there are no special wedding traditions in my family. I wasn't around when my siblings were married so I never attended any of their ceremonies. I have attended the weddings of several of my cousins, all very traditional, nothing unusual.

One of my first posts here at kinexxions was Brubaker-Phend Marriage which was a transcription of a newspaper article about the marriage of my grandparents Vic Phend and Hazlette Brubaker. A small affair, there were no attendants.

Perhaps there is a family tradition of little or no ceremony. The Whitley County Commercial of Wednesday, April 26, 1871 published this announcement (note the spelling of the surnames, should be Brubaker and Joslin):
Married. Bruebaker - Jostlen --- At the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. A. J. Douglas, on Thursday, the 20th inst, Mr. William Bruebaker and Miss Malissa M. Jostlen, all of this county. We congratulate our friend Bruebaker in taking unto himself a wife, and wish him and his fair bride all the happiness that it is possible for mortals to enjoy while sojourning upon this mundane sphere.

To date I have not found a marriage record for my 4th Great Grandparents, James Joslin and Abigail Goodrich. At the time James and his parents, Jonas and Ruth Dyer Joslin, would have been living in Liberty Township, Delaware County, Ohio while Abigail and her parents, Bela and Sally Church Goodrich, were living in neighboring Orange Township.

Lysander Price Joslin, the first child of James and Abigail Joslin, was born May 1, 1825 so it is presumed that they were married prior to his birth. But perhaps not. Based on the following information, published in "Abstracts from Miscellaneous Delaware County Ohio Newspapers 1821-1857" (Extracted by Mary V. Reed. Indexed by Sharlene Shoaf. Delaware, Ohio 1992. page 79), they were married prior to June 30, 1826 but apparently, all was not well:
Delaware Patron. Thursday July 13, 1826.
Whereas my wife Abigail has left my bed and board - I am determined to pay no debts of hers.
James Joslin. Liberty, June 30th, 1826.

Abigail would have been pregnant with her second child at that time, Fanny Philanda Joslin was born in October 1826. Apparently James and Abigail reconciled as they went on to have four more children together. In 1838, James and Abigail and their children moved from Delaware County, Ohio to Whitley County, Indiana. James seems to have disappeared by 1860 - he is no longer living in Whitley County with Abigail, and I've not found him in various census searches in other states. What happened to James? We will probably never know but that doesn't stop us from speculating or searching for more information.


Janice said...


I just love that--"all the happiness that it is possible for mortals to enjoy while sojourning upon this mundane sphere."

We just don't write as poetically as folks used to!


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

My family had a tradition of small, quiet weddings that I ended when my kids were married.

The only thing that occurs to me for James' disappearance is the gold rush, not that that is helpful in anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, I am writing to you to extend the family tree. I am researching the Phend/Manuwal side of the family for a family reunion being held in Colorado this year. You have a lot of the Phend info that I didn't have. This is not my family, but my Brother-in-laws family connected by Doris Phend and John Frank Manuwal.Do you have any Manuwals in your research?

Becky Wiseman said...

Anonymous - please contact me via email at

I don't have Manuwals in my research other than those connected to the Phend family but I know someone who may be of assistance.