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Phend-Fisher Family Reunion Ledger - 1897

As mentioned in a post on this year's Phend Family Reunion, it was on June 27, 1897 that the first Phend Family Reunion was held. The events of the day were recorded in an old ledger book. Sadly, the fragile pages have turned brown and have separated from the binding. They are, in effect, disintegrating. I'm in the process of carefully scanning the pages in an attempt to save the information they contain. Hopefully, someday, some other member of the family will be interested in them. I don't know how much longer the pages themselves will stand up to the passage of time but at least we will have the scanned images. The ledger is 5 1/4 inches wide by 11 1/2 inches long.

According to the newspaper article, published on June 30, 1897 in The Nappanee News, (and the ledger) Jacob and Louisa were celebrating the anniversary of their 69th birthday which puts their year of birth at 1828. The gravemarker inscription says that Jacob was born on June 27, 1828 and that Louisa was born on June 27, 1829. Her inscription also says that she died on April 4, 1897 which was 2 1/2 months BEFORE the celebration!

[notes and "missing" information within brackets, commas were added in some of the name lists] From the ledger:

The Phend Family was called to order

June 27. 1897

being being [sic] the 69 birthday aniversery of Jacob and Louisa Phend. there was a family gathering, at their residence on Saturday evening

[first 3 words -A formal Program- were crossed out] Meeting was caled to order at 5:30 by Clarance Phend
An informal Program was rendered
Miss Grace Tintsman Presiding at the Organ
Scripture reading by Chris Phend. Prayer by Christian Ringgenburg opened the program of singing
welcome addrss by Father Phend responce by Henry Phend. declamation by Do [Dora ?] Phend. the Golden Sunbeam. Dare to be true, by Ralph Ernest. A Happy little boy by Freddie Ernest. Select Reading by Carrie Phend.

Supper was Served

[Attending] were
[John Phend a]nd wife and [children] william, Harl, Edwin, Luly.
Christian Phend wife and children Clarance, Orian, Carrie, Delvin, Hattie, Harry, Iva, Bell, Grover, waldo & Clifford
Jacob J. Phend wife and children Moses, Catie, Raman, Surelda & Samuel Phend wife and children Lillie, Quince, Clide, Dora Arlington & Howard. John Ernest wife and children Ralph and Freddie
William Phend wife and child Owen. Harl Phend wife and 2 children Goldie and Ivo. Jacob Seniff wife and 2 children Archie and Iva. Mrs. Caraline Ringenberg. Rev. Christian ringenburg. Claud & Goldie Ringenberger. Rev Hofferbert wife and child Nellie.

The family consists of Father mother six children, thirty two grandchildren [and] five great grand chldren.

A permanent organization was Effected with Henry Phend as President. Christian Phend assistant. Mrs John Ernest Secretary and a board of directers as follows. Clarance Phend, John and Elisabeth Phend, Lillie Phend.a motion was made made [sic] to invite the fisher family. a vote was taken which was satisfactory to that effect. Christian Ringenburger was elected as a director and representative of that family.

Mrs John Ernest Secretary
= = end of ledger transcription = =

Missing in the list of those attending was Henry Phend and family. Henry was there as he gave a response to Father Phend's welcoming address. Most likely Henry's wife, Susie, and their children Victor, Cecil and Gladys were also in attendance.

The Ledger contains entries from the next reunion, which was in 1909. The last entry has the notation "no reunion" and is dated 1943.

Updated September 8, 2007 - added 3rd page for 1897.

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