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Phend-Fisher Family Reunion Ledger - 1913

The Fisher - Phend reunion was held at McNaughton Park at Elkhart Ind. July 24 1913. About 70 being present. A fine picnic dinner was held at noon, After dinner the following programe was rendered.
Opening song.
Bless be the tie That Binds, with Gladys Shaw at the piano.
Prayer by L. S. Fisher pastor of the First Evangelical church at Elk.
Welcome by J. J. Phend
Solo - Walter Shaw.
Piano Duette Gladys & Edith Shaw
Reading Irene Walters.
Duett Fred Earnest & Mrs Fomy [?].
Solo by Little Miss Marie Lusher.
Election of officers. Officers Elected.
Mrs. John Earnest Pres.
Bertha Shaw Sec.Mr. J. J. Phend Tres.

Meeting adj. to meet the last Sat in June 1914 at Rodgers Park Goshen Ind.
Jacob Phend age 87 yrs old was the oldest present
Little Geraldine Lusher 5 mo. the youngest.

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People who attended the reunion at McNaughton Park July 24 - 1913.
Henry Phend Columbia City
Gladys Phend
Berniece Phend
Paul Phend
Garreld Phend
Susie Phend
C C Shaw 870 Tipton St
Vernon Shaw
Surelda Phend Elkhart
Gladys Shaw Elkhart
Leroy A Conrad New Paris
Lulu Conrad
Harley Conrad
Delta Conrad
Lucile Conrad
Ralph Ernest Goshen
Fred I. Ernest Goshen
L. A. Fisher
Samuel Fisher 621 Conne St Lawrence Kan
Jacob Phend Etna Gren Ind
Jacob E. Senff Bremen Ind
Della I Senff
Hilda Seff
F. A. Wehrly Nappanee Ind
Ivy Wehrly
La Mar Wehrly
Evelyn Wehrly
Fred G Phend
Harry Shaw
Sophia Shaw
James Shaw. Elkhart

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Edith Shaw
Grace Walter Hamilton St. Louis
H. J. Ringgenberg Garrett Ind
Kate Mitchel Goshen
Mrs. D. G. Walter
Chester Walter
Esther Walter
Mildred Walter
David Walter
Irene Walter
Mrs. Hazel Burer 317 Myrtle St.
Mrs Walter Slear Jackson, Mich.
Master Elliott Slear
Mrs Nora Lusher
Howard [?] Lusher
Vera Lusher
Marie Lusher
Helen Lusher
Geraldine Lusher
Walter R. Shaw - Elkhart
Mrs. Fred Calkins Crawford St. Elkhart
Mr. Fred Calkins
Mr & Mrs Alfred Kane Bristol Ind
Mrs. C. Gerard 322 S St Joseph St South Bend
Mrs Thomas McGowan New Carlisle, Mi
Mrs. S. L. Little 610 Gardner Court Elkhart Ind
Mrs. C. J. McGowan 610 Gardner Court Elkhart

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Mrs V. R. McGowan Garrett, Ind
Mrs Dora C Walters Elkhart
Mrs Bertha Shaw Elkhart
Jacob Phend Elkhart
Louisa Phend Elkhart
Mrs J W Slear Elkhart
Mrs C. Willson Elkhart
Moses Phend
Katharine Phend
Mr. E. G. Walters

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As my research continues on the Phend-Fisher families I am able to "link" more of these people to their families. The entry for "Samuel Fisher 621 Conne St, Lawrence, Kansas" pretty much confirms that the Samuel Fisher I've found in Douglas County, Kansas is the right man. In 1910, he was living on Connecticut St. in Lawrence with his daughters Rachel and Ruth, assuming that "Conne" was used as an abbreviation for Connecticut.

The Phend-Fisher families gathered for a reunion in Elkhart County, Indiana almost annually from 1909 until 1943. Usually held at Nappanee, the events of the day were recorded in an old ledger book, now in my possession. Sadly, the fragile pages have turned brown, separated from the binding, and are, in effect, disintegrating. Some years more information was recorded than in others, but, for me, these pages provide a glimpse into the past. Spelling has been retained as it was in the original though some punctuation and paragraph breaks have been added. To view all articles in this series click on the "Phend-Fisher Reunion Ledger" label at the bottom of this post.

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I was looking for a L.A. Fisher who was a pastor during this time. I was curious about Gladys & Edith Shaw because L.A. DID have sisters with thoses names, but "Shaw" has me confused.

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