Thursday, September 20, 2007

Simpsonized and Cubed

You can blame this on Janice. . .

This is a postcard I sent to my sister from Wisconsin Dells Fifty Years Ago

Funny Genealogy at Cow Hampshire

Rubik's Cube Generator

You too can be Simpsonized at


  1. What an oh-so-creative post, Becky! Looks like Jasia and footnoteMaven aren't the only "blodging" gals that can come up with some interesting, genealogy-themed graphics!

  2. Thanks Miriam, but I'm afraid I can't take credit for creating the graphics... all I did was upload pictures to the websites and the 'puter program[ers] did all the work! Cool.

  3. Just love you "Simpsonized" and cubed. Very, Very, Creative!

    Now who said genealogists were a bunch of humorless blue haired old ladies? Homer or Bart?


  4. You're ready for prime time! I tried the Simpsonizer and I guess I'm just not Simpson material, it kept saying I had no face. LOL

  5. Yeah yeah, blame me. I suppose I twisted your arm... or maybe I twisted your rubiks cube :)



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