Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Deed is Done!

Took all of 10 minutes. One of the advantages of living in small-town America! And in Indiana. Now, if only the irritating political ads (on both sides) and the very annoying phone calls would stop!!! The ladies at the polling place said there has been a good turnout for in-person voting. I was number 1,136. That doesn't sound like much but there's only about 20,000 registered voters in Noble County. They have also gotten "a lot" of mail-in absentee ballots too. Like everywhere else in the nation they are expecting a record turn-out. It's been pretty amazing to see all of the attention that Indiana has gotten from both parties. For the first time since I started voting, I feel like my vote will actually mean something. 'Bout time.


  1. Hope you picked the right people. We still have to wait until Tuesday.

  2. Becky,

    Good for you! At least you live in a competitive state. In Maryland it doesn't matter who you're for because the electoral votes will always go to the it only feels like your vote counts if you're for the democratic ticket. There have been very few robo-calls, no door to door people, and really very few TV commercials.

    At least it will be over for you!


  3. Randy - I picked the "right" people for me, but whether they will be the ones that win is another matter!

    Time - Indiana has "always" been a Republican state though we have had a few Democrat governors The last (and possibly the only) time that Indiana voted Democratic in a presidential election was for John F. Kennedy. So it is highly unusual for us to receive any attention from the candidates. Rather nice, for a change!


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