Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adventures (?) in Scanning

Things have been pretty quiet here at kinexxions for the past month or so. Not much research has been done during that time. And not much writing. Just busy scanning documents. And scanning. And scanning. I knew I had accumulated a lot of paper in my 20+ years of research. I just didn't realize how much!

Since my last report a month ago, I've scanned another 9,694 pages! For a total of 18,029 pages scanned with the wonderful Fujitsu ScanSnap S300. In two months. And yet, there is still more to do.

I'm not on a first name basis with the fellow at the recycling center yet but he does recognize me! About a third of the pages that I've scanned have been physically discarded. Some of what had been filed were reports from my genealogy database that had been used for reference at some point in time. I didn't scan them before recycling them as many were quite old and some were still on the 'puter.

The papers that are being kept have been removed from their bulky space-consuming 3-ring binders and put into folders, then into "bankers" boxes for temporary storage. Once I become more "comfortable" with the idea and functionality of accessing the computer files, some of those papers will be recycled as well. Old habits die hard.

How much more is left to scan? I'm not sure, but not as much as there was a month ago!


Jasia said...

I'm amazed and impressed. You've set a standard none of the rest of us can hope to achieve! Good for you, Becky. When you look back on this calendar year you'll feel really good about all you've accomplished.


Anonymous said...

My ScanSnap and I have been busy too, but nothing near your level. Like you, I am scanning a bunch of my old family group pages - mine are covered with pencil notes that have yet to be transcribed into my genealogy database. I'm playing with Evernote to see if I can make those notes searchable without totally destroying what's left of my wrists. ;)

Apple said...

OMG! You amaze me. I'm not sure I could stick with such a big project as you have. Congratulations on getting such a huge amount accomplished.


T.K. said...

Boy, Becky, you're an inspiration!

Miriam said...

I think what impresses me most is not just the amount that you've scanned, but obviously the self-discipline and dedication it has taken to undertake and continue this massive project. really are an inspiration to the rest of us!

Apple said...

Tag, you're it!