Monday, November 24, 2008

Twice Tagged... Me-me, Meme

Another game of tag is making the rounds. . . and I've been tagged twice, first by Apple, then by Lori Thornton

Rules to play by:
  • Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
  • Write a blog post about the eight things and post these rules.
  • At the end of your blog post, list eight people to get tagged.
  • Leave a comment on their blogs telling them they’re tagged.
Eight things about me:
  1. My second job was as a dishwasher in a restaurant. The first was mowing lawns.
  2. Don't appear in many family photographs since I'm usually the one taking the pictures!
  3. I valued my sanity more than a career and left the Navy after 9 ½ years. No regrets.
  4. Some would say I am stubborn, but I prefer to say that I'm dedicated ;^)
  5. I Love dogs but don't currently have one.
  6. Have lost count of the number of places I've lived.
  7. Am still dreaming big and hoping to win a million dollars.
  8. My favorite color combination is burgundy and navy blue.
Eight people I'm tagging (in no special order):
  1. Steve Danko
  2. Linda in Lancaster
  3. Denise Olson
  4. John Newmark
  5. Craig Manson
  6. Denise Levenik
  7. Bill West
  8. footnoteMaven

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