Monday, November 10, 2008

Blogging Cousins, what a Treat!

When Wendy Littrell posted Political Road Map, which was her contribution to the 59th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, I'm sure she never thought she would discover a couple of cousins, albeit very distant ones. In one paragraph she talks about her 9th great-grandfather, Richard Treat, who settled in Wethersfield, in the Connecticut Colony. Richard Treat is my 11th great-grandfather and is also the 11th great-grandfather of Julie Cahill Tarr.

Richard Treat was born in 1584 in Pitminster, County Somerset, England and emigrated prior to 1641, settling in Wethersfield. He became a prominent citizen, involved in the governing of the town and the Connecticut Colony. Depending upon which "history" you read, Richard's first wife was named Joanna who was the mother of his children and Alice Gaylord/Gaylard/Galaud was his second wife who bore no children. However, "The Treat Family" published in 1893 and written by John Harvey Treat states that Richard married Alice Gaylard on April 27, 1615, in Pitminster. Also, "wife Alis Treat" is given lands in the will of Richard Treat. This would seem to indicate that Alice was his first and only wife and the mother of his children. Nothing like a little squabble in the family over who begat whom. . .

In Roadmap to New Cousins! Wendy provides her line of descent from Richard Treat. Julie does the same in Found Cousins. Below is my lineage back to the prolific Mr. Richard Treat. . .
In his will, dated February 13th 1668, Richard Treat gave his "great bible" to his daughter Honour Demon. I wonder which of her 10 children inherited it? John Deming (husband of Honor Treat) gives his "Great Bible" to his son John.

Disclaimer: No research has been done in original records for this lineage in the Colonial and Revolutionary War eras. Some of the published resources that were used are listed below, some with better source documentation than others. . .
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wendy said...

Hey, cuz, thanks for posting your line! Yeah, I'm a little confused on who was the wife (1st or 2nd) - I take both with a grain of salt until I can actually see documentation - which probably won't be any time soon! The ancestor is the same anyway!

Julie Cahill Tarr said...

Thanks for posting, Becky! I too also show only Alice as Richard's wife, but do not have any documentation as of yet to support this. Maybe the three of us can solve the mystery!