Monday, November 17, 2008

A Clue Overlooked

You know those "extra" columns in the 1870 census, the ones to the right of the place of birth? It might help your research to actually look at them! I know I sometimes have a tendency to retrieve the basic information (name , age, place of birth) and ignore the rest. Probably not a good thing to do.

In reviewing all of the information I have on Peter Wise I noticed a hash-mark in the column with the heading "Parentage" and labeled "Father of foreign birth" in his 1870 census record. There is no mark in the column for his mother. Peter is also identified as a "Male citizen of the U. S. of 21 years of age and upwards."

Christena doesn't have any marks in those columns for her parents, which indicates that they were born in the United States (well, actually, what would become the United States). In all of the census records I have for Peter and Christena that give place of birth (1850, 1860, 1870) they are both listed as having been born in Pennsylvania. He was born about 1797 and she in 1801.

That information regarding parentage might help narrow down the possibilities for their parents.

According to census records, the first two children of Peter and Christena, William and Rebecca, were born in Pennsylvania between 1821-1824 (depending upon which census record you go by). Rosanna was born in November 1826 in Ohio, which narrows the time frame for when Peter and Christena moved to Ohio.

Regarding Adam Wise (of Washington County, Pennsylvania) mentioned in a previous post, this WorldConnect database has information on some of his children.

Also found a biography of Michael Wise, son of the Frederick that was living in Wayne and Ashland Counties at the same time as my Peter. Michael was born in Center County, Pennsylvania in 1820 and his father, George Frederick Wise, emigrated to Ohio in 1822 and had 7 children born in Pennsylvania and another 6 born in Ohio. As stated in the post mentioned above, Frederick is not old enough to be Peter's father but perhaps he is related in some way. The 1850 census shows that Frederick was born in Germany about 1783 (67 years old).

I found a Fredk Wise in Miles Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania in the 1820 census. Also listed in Miles Township were George, Benj, and Peter Wise. All 4 were large households with 7-12 persons listed. The oldest males in the households of George and Peter were over 45 years while in Benj and Fredk households they were 26-45. There were no foreigners not naturalized in any of the households.

The only Wise families in 1830 Miles Township, Centre County are a Frederick and a Daniel. I haven't checked for spelling variations yet...

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