Friday, December 31, 2010

Kinexxions :: Carnival of Genealogy Contributions

100 (There's one in every family!) He was a Rascal... - My Grandfather Charles Wilson Wiseman

87 (New Years Resolutions) Ain't Makin' No Resolutions!
84 (What has the CoG Meant to You?) Something Better than Good
78 (Pony Pictures) Not exactly of the "Ride 'em Cowboy" genre..
77 (Disasters) The Year Without a Summer
76 (Summer Vacations) 'Twas the Summer of '59
74 (Swimsuit Edition) Sorry, no bathing beauties here!
73 (The Good Earth) Tillers of the Soil
69 (Rewriting History) The Best Gift - Ever!
68 (Women's History Month) Three Women
66 (iGene Awards) The 2008 iGene Awards for Kinexxions
65 (The Happy Dance. The Joy of Genealogy - hosted at Kinexxions) Making Connections
64 (Winter Photo Essay) Ah, the joys of winter!
63 (New Year's Resolutions) A Little Over-Optimistic? Perhaps.

62 (Three Wishes) Just Three Wishes
61 (Traditions) Holiday Traditions and Memories
59 (Politics and Our Ancestors) Did they get involved?
57 (Read it in the News) Found 'em in the Newspaper!
56 (Genealogy Library) Indispensable Bookshelf
55 (Show & Tell) The Sisley Family Bible
54 (Family Language) Say What?
53 (Open Topic) The Case of the $12 Box Coat
52 (Age) Live Long And Prosper...
51 (Independent Spirit) Robert Quillen
50 (Family Pets) Buster, Rover, and Bootsie
49 (Swimsuit Edition) Two Stylish Ladies
48 (Mom: How'd You Get So Smart)Lessons Learned
47 (A Place Called Home) A Place Some Ancestors Called Home
46 (Inherited Traits) Why I am the way I am?
45 (Cars) Cars - A Necessary Evil
44 (Tribute to Women) Aunt Jane
43 (Technology) Genea-Techie Stuff
42 (iGene Awards) The 2007 iGene Awards for Kinexxions
41 (Dinner with Ancestors) Who, What, When, Where, Why?
40 (Living-Relative Connections) Connecting With Kin
39 (New Year's Resolutions) The Two Faced Monster 2007-2008

38 (The New Millennium) New Year's Eve 1999
37 (Wish Lists) My Genealogy Wish List
36 (Open Topic) Are You Prepared? I'm Not.
34 (Halloween & the Supernatural) A Night Not Soon Forgot
33 (Weddings) Nothing Special - A bit of a Mystery
32 (Wartime Stories) Dad and the 511th
31 (Family Myths) Michael & Christenia Fisher and Armenian Ancestors?
30 (Genealogical Conferences/Seminars) Genealogy Conferences
29 (Moral or Legal Dilemmas in Genealogy) There are no easy answers
28 (Surnames) The Phend Surname
27 (America/Independence Day - hosted at Kinexxions) Independence Day - No, Not the Movie
26 (Dads) Grandpa Vic
25 (Creative Genes) Necessity is the mother of invention...
24 (Mothers) Mothers and Grandmothers
23 (School Days) Scott School and Crow's Corner School
22 (Open Topic) The Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing)
21 (Funny, Foolish, Family) A bit of humor for April 1st
20 (Tribute to Women) Grandma's Story
19 (Shelter from the Storm) The Homes of my Youth
18 (Tips for Specific Research Areas) Five Sites in Northeast Indiana
17 (Giving Thanks) Who was my inspiration? How did I get into this?
16 (Food & Family Recipes) Carnival of Genealogy - food!

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