Sunday, September 04, 2011

Badlands :: Rolling in the Dust

Wednesday, August 24th - - The gravel road continued on for a few miles but I turned around and headed back to the main road. As I passed Sage Creek Basin Overlook the bison that had surrounded me a few minutes earlier had made their way off into the prairie. To my right another small band of buffalo were coming across the road. Traffic was stopped until long after they had passed.

Prairie Dogs provide a service to the buffalo by giving them a place to roll in the dirt! At the entrance to the burrows there is always a large pile of dirt that has been thrown up by the Prairie Dogs digging the tunnels. Hopefully, when a bison decides to roll in that dirt, the little fellows have made it safely underground!

Going down....

Really getting into it!

Ah, that felt good.

Giving it another go.

Shaking off the dust.

Feeling better, I'm sure!


Carol said...

Fun, love this!! Great shots!!

DianaR said...

Buffalo are just hard to explain if you've never seen them in person! There is something about them - so massive. Great shots the last few days - makes me want to take a quick trip out to Yellowstone :-)

Hummer said...

Love the pictures! Buffalo are a favorite of mine. He just looks like that was an awesome time.

Sue and Fred said...