Saturday, September 10, 2011

Devils Tower :: Prairie Dog Town

Saturday, August 27th - - Nestled between the main road into Devils Tower National Monument and the campground lies a rather large Prairie Dog Town.

You don't get too close before an alarm is sounded. They would make very good watch dogs!

In the lower center of the picture above, near the trail, is a brave Prairie Dog. He watched as I slowly walked forward, sounding the alarm with every movement I made.

I got to within about 10 feet of him and snapped this photo. The next step I took he disappeared into his hole in the ground.

I stood there for perhaps 10 minutes without moving when on the other side of the trail these two came out of their burrow. They watched me for a few minutes and must have decided that I was not going to do them any harm.

Still on the alert.

After a while, they ignored me, though I tried not to make any sudden movements to scare them away, I moved in a little closer.

And they obliged by posing for me, I swear they knew I was taking their picture!

They are so much fun to watch!


Carol said...

Now I have total, and I mean TOTAL prairie dog photo envy. These were the photos I wanted, but, well, when you are in a hurry because someone else is not so patiently waiting, well, you don't get these. SIGHHHH. Well done! And, well done, again!

Greta Koehl said...

I'm with Carol. I would almost kill to get the chance to take photos like these.

Michelle Goodrum said...

I'm with Carol too! I have really enjoyed this series with Mt. Rushmore, Badlands, buffalo (more incredible pictures) and the prairie dogs. Thank you for sharing!