Friday, September 02, 2011

South Dakota :: Sunflowers & Cemeteries

Monday, August 22nd - - The Joslin Rendezvous was at an end, everyone departed to return to their respective homes or on to their next destination. Though I was going to go further west, I first had to go east to take Babs back to the airport at Sioux Falls. There were several stops along the way as Babs had Chastain ancestors buried in cemeteries near the towns of Winner and Bonesteel.

This field of sunflowers was on State Road 44 southeast of White River.

And this field was further east, it seemed to go on for ever.

Babs is standing beside the gravesite of one of her relatives in Winner Cemetery. It was a very nice and well-maintained cemetery. In fact, we were both very impressed with the town of Winner itself.

The burial site of her Chastain ancestors in Bonesteel Cemetery. Some are inside the fence and some are outside... it's a long story! I'll just say that Babs has some very interesting ancestors!


  1. Wow, all those sunflowers. I wonder what they do with them, are they grown for the seeds, or for you to take photos? Lovely Becky.

  2. I so so so want to hear Bab's story of the ancestors inside the fence vs those outside. Sounds like the great stuff family history is made of. A little fuss fuss here and there. Marrying out of your parent's religion. The really good stuff! LOL

    Sunflowers are beautiful. Love how they all look the same direction.

  3. Barbara - I think they grow them for the seeds to dry or perhaps the oil... I doubt that they knew I'd be coming through to take their picture. LOL.

    Carol - I'll see if Babs will write it up, perhaps for a guest post. It's an interesting story...


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