Sunday, September 18, 2011

Of Rabbits and Hares

This was among the first photos taken with the new Nikon P500 camera, which arrived on the 8th. I stepped out the back door on my way to take pictures and this little fellow was sitting across the alley. I got two shots off before he darted away. This is not a cropped image...

This jackrabbit, also known as a hare, was seen in Mountview Cemetery in Billings on the 13th. At first I thought it was a grave decoration, albeit not near a grave, but then I noticed its eyes were moving.

A close-up shot, at the full 36x magnification of the zoom lens.

It was a little wobbly in the hind legs when it stood up – a lot like my legs after I've been sitting for too long!

It looked back at me, then jumped off – literally – covering a distance of five feet or more with each hop as well as a foot or more in height. And it was fast! Sure was fun to watch too. (In a search for info on jackrabbits I found out that they can leap up to 10 feet and reach speeds up to 40 mph. Their young are born furred and with their eyes open.)


  1. OH yes, lovely pics. I can see this camera has opened up a whole new perspective of photography for you. That's terrific!

  2. I can see where you are going to have fun with the new camera. Already, fabulous photos.


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