Thursday, September 27, 2012

Acadia :: A Leisurely Carriage Ride

We had gone over to Wildwood Stables on Thursday (September 13th) to see about going on one of the carriage tours. The first available opening for "Mr. Rockefeller's Bridge Tour" was for 2:15 on Saturday, so we made our reservations.

Saturday morning dawned with gray skies and scattered showers forecast for the day. We crossed our fingers and hoped that the rain would hold off until after the carriage ride, but no such luck. It started sprinkling as we drove into the parking lot. It drizzled off and on until the beginning of the ride then rained steadily, but not a downpour, for the first hour of the two-hour ride. Rain jackets and ponchos were the apparel for the day!

The carriage tour is a good way to see more of the natural beauty of the park as well as admire the work that went into creating the carriage roads and building the bridges. The driver of the carriage was also the tour guide. We were sitting at the back of the carriage and I sometimes had a hard time hearing what he was saying, especially when he was facing forward rather than looking at his passengers.

It was an interesting ride, with tidbits of information about the construction of the roads and the history of the area.

 The colorful underside of one of the bridges.

 This bridge is located near the Stanley Brook entrance, on the southern side of the park. We drove underneath it several times on our way to and from the park.

 The 'Stanley Brook' entrance bridge from the other side. A hint of fall color is showing as is a bit of blue sky.

 The carriage roads are very well maintained.

This Cobblestone Bridge was the first of Mr. Rockefeller's bridges and was built in 1913.

Patiently waiting for the rest of us to get on board the carriage to continue the tour.

By the time we returned to the stables, the sky had started clearing, the sun had made an appearance, and we were mostly dry!


Carol said...

I loved Acadia, my first huge dose of National Parks outside of Shenandoah and Blue Ridge. I fell in love!

Great photos Becky.

Nancy said...

Oh, Becky, your photographs are beautiful! I especially like the underside of the bridge, and the arches and curves. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Barbara Poole said...

I'm so enjoying this trip. Glad you had good weather. I never took the carriage ride (brought our bikes), so that is on my Bucket List. Thanks for all renewed memories via you photos.