Saturday, September 29, 2012

Acadia :: Schoodic Point

Sunday, September 16th - - On the eastern side of Mount Desert Island in Acadia National Park is a popular little inlet known as Thunder Hole. A small cavern below the surface of the water creates a sound similar to thunder when the 'right' waves crash against the rocks. The day that we stopped by to see Thunder Hole, there was no action - the sea was rather calm and the waves were merely lapping the shore.

However, I found a spot out on Schoodic Point that was just as exciting as Thunder Hole. Maybe more so. And it was far less crowded. There wasn't quite the roar of thunder but there were some pretty loud crashes when the 'big ones' hit.

Much like the action of a tsunami, the water would pull away from the shore...

Gain momentum, and crash into the granite walls... 

and momentarily fill up the little inlet.

I thought this man was more than a little irresponsible to let his son get so close to the edge. One really big wave and he could have been swept over the edge.

I moved around toward where the man and boy had been, but a little further away from the edge.

Thanks to the capabilities of zoom lenses, I grabbed this shot of a wave smashing into the side of the cliff. It was awesome. And so much fun watching these waves...

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