Monday, September 24, 2012

Acadia :: The Schooner, Margaret Todd

Tuesday - September 11th - - It was such a beautiful day that we decided to take a cruise. After stopping at the visitors center to see what was available we selected the Schooner Margaret Todd, primarily because neither Joann nor I had ever been aboard one.

The drive through Bar Harbor was chaotic. A cruise ship had moored in the bay a short time before we arrived and passengers were being ferried from the ship to the pier at a rapid pace. It seemed like people were everywhere!

We finally found a parking spot in the pier area, ate our lunch, and meandered over to where the Margaret Todd was waiting.

The cruise left shortly after two o'clock under motor power. It turned around and headed out into the waters of Frenchman's Bay, stopping soon after to raise the sails.

Passengers were encouraged to help with the raising of the sails...

which took a few minutes...

Did I mention that it was a beautiful day? Gorgeous blue skies and a steady, light breeze.

It was amazingly quiet, once the sails were raised and the engine shut off. It was a two-hour cruise with a Park Ranger onboard who talked a little bit about some of the geographical points, lobstering, and wildlife in the area. We did see an eagle perched high atop a tree on one of the islands and I caught a glimpse of several dolphins as we were returning to the dock. Mostly it was simply a quiet, but very enjoyable ride.

After taking the cruise, I found out from my cousin, Anita, who lives in Belfast, Maine that her son Kyle had helped build the boat one summer in Florida. Pretty cool.

Two days later we happened to be at the top of Cadillac Mountain when the Margaret Todd was leaving on the afternoon cruise, passing in front of one of the cruise ships in the harbor.

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