Friday, September 28, 2012

Acadia :: The Schoodic Peninsula

Sunday, September 16th - - Another beautiful day greeted us this morning, our last day at Acadia National Park. We decided to visit the 'other side' of Acadia, the side that few visitors go to see...

Residents of two towns, Winter Harbor and Gouldsboro, as well as several small villages reside on Schoodic Peninsula but about half of the area is part of Acadia National Park - the only part on the mainland.

As the crow flies, Schoodic Peninsula is only 4 miles from Mount Desert Island but the drive from Bar Harbor is about 40 miles and an hour away. If the conditions are 'just right' out on the southern tip at Schoodic Point the ocean waves crash against the rocky granite shore in a magnificent display of power and beauty.

The 'big hill' in the background is Mount Desert Island, four miles away - as the crow flies. On the long island in front of Mount Desert there is a lighthouse that could barely be seen. This was taken from the western side of Schoodic Peninsula a short distance into the park.

 The color of the water was amazing, changing from a deep dark blue to this vibrant blue to a greenish color - all depending upon the direction of the light. This was taken on the eastern side of Schoodic Point, with the sun at my back.

 Though it may not look all that impressive, this 'little' wave was about six feet high and when it hit the rocky shore it created quite a splash.

This fella was standing out on the southeast tip of Schoodic Point for quite a while. The water would crash against the outlying rocks...

And wash over them... Several times, I thought for sure he'd get a good soaking, but apparently he was higher and further away than it looked.

He turned to say something to his companions higher up on the rocks. Still, it did not appear that he got the least little bit wet!

There is something primal and energizing about watching waves hitting the shore. It was a bit breezy but plenty of sunshine and 70 degree temperatures. We really couldn't have asked for a nicer day!


Jasia said...

Beautiful pics, Becky! Thanks for sharing your time in Maine

Carol said...


Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, Becky,

Your picture of Mt. Desert Island made me think of the summers my family would spend in Maine to visit relatives from Nova Scotia.

You have taken nice pictures every day. Just beautiful!