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Charles Bair

Charles Bair, age 5, was listed with Franklin and Emily (Robison) Bair in the 1870 census. I haven't found Charles in the 1880 census yet (at least no one the right age born in Indiana). His father's obituary of 1917 stated that Charles lived in Pana, Illinois.

The only Charles (Chas., Charlie, Charley) Bair (Bare, Bear, Barr, etc.), of the right age (born about 1865 in Indiana) was found in 1900 in Assumption Village, Christian County, Illinois (the surname was indexed as Bain).
Charles S. Bair, Oct. 1867, 32, married 8 years, born Indiana, father born Ohio, mother born Unknown, Bartender
Alva, wife, Dec 1875, 24, married 8 years, 3 children 3 living, born Illinois, parents born French Canada
Frank, son, Feb 1895, 5, born Illinois
Lavetta, daughter, Feb 1898, 2, born Illinois
Harvey, son, Dec 1899, 5/12, born Illinois
Bertha Reed, Servant, Jun 1885, 15, born Illinois
Charles Harmes, boarder, Sept 1869, 30, born England
Antone Karmou [?], boarder, Jan 1866, 34, born Germany
Sarah Denepe [?], boarder, Oct 1816, 83, widowed, 5 children 4 living, born Ohio

Charles was found in 1910, living in Tower Hill Township, Shelby County, Illinois. It is highly likely that his first wife, Alva, passed away since this record shows that Charles and his wife Sadie had been married for only 3 years. Also, since Frances was born in Indiana and six years old, she is probably Sadie's daughter from a previous marriage.
Charles Bair, head, 43, married twice, married for 3 years, born Indiana, father born Ohio, mother born unknown
Sadie, wife, 28, married twice, married for 3 years, 2 children 2 living, born Ohio, father born New York, mother born Ohio
Frank, son, 15, born Illinois, father born Indiana, mother born Illinois
Laveda, daughter, 12, born Illinois, father born Indiana, mother born Illinois
Harvy, son, 10, born Illinois, father born Indiana, mother born Illinois
Frances, daughter, 6, born Indiana, father born Ohio, mother born Indiana
Margaret, daughter, 1, born Illinois, father born Indiana, mother born Ohio

The family of Charles and Sadie Bair was not found in Illinois in the 1920 census index but there is a Charles Bair of the right age in Christian County. Thing is though, none of the children listed in the 1910 census are in his household in 1920, and his wife's name is Nellie. Did Sadie die? Did Charles and Sadie get divorced? Charles and Nellie resided on South Clark Street, Pana City, Pana Township, Christian County, Illinois. (When Franklin Bair died, his son Chas. was living in Pana, Illinois.) Charles Bair was a 53 year old coal miner. He had been born in Indiana. His wife, Nellie, was 36 years old and born in Illinois.

In 1930 Charles and Nellie were living in Mascoutah City, St. Clair County, Illinois. Charles Bair, was 63 years old and worked as a miner at the Kulb Coal Company. He rents his home for $10. Charles was first married at age 24. (This puts his year of birth at about 1867 and first marriage about 1891. In the 1900 census it showed that Charles and Alva had been married 8 years, i.e. married about 1892.) His wife Nellie was 46 years old and born in Illinois. Her first marriage was at the age of 20.

Obviously, I don't know for sure that these four census entries are all for the same person, however, based on further research shown below, I think they are. But if they are the same fellow, I still don't know whether or not he is the "right" Charles Bair that is the son of Franklin and Emily Robison Bair. This Charles was born in Indiana, his age is off by two years based on being 15 years old in 1870, however, he named his first child Frank. Was he named after Charles' father, or is it merely a coincidence?

This Charles Bair was married three times and had four children. I haven't discovered any information at all on any of the children, except for Harvey. I need to do more searching for them but the information found on Harvey, shown below, makes the connection to the Charles Bair in the census of 1900 and 1910 and to the Charles Bair in the 1920 and 1930 census.


Harvey Leaff Bair was found in the World War I Draft Registration Cards at ancestry. The registration date was September 12, 1918. Harvey lived in Shelbyville, Illinois, he was 18 years old and was born December 23, 1899. He was a student employed by Sharks Business in Shelbyville. His nearest relative was Charles S. Bair who lived in Pana, Christian County, Illinois. This is what makes that connection to the above census records for Charles Bair.

Additional research will be needed to verify whether or not the Harvey Bair in the following records is the same person.

In 1920, there is a Harvey Bair, age 20, single, born in Illinois, parents born in Illinois listed in the household of Jacob and Margaret B. Doll as their Foster Son. Jacob Doll is 73 years old and Margaret, his wife, is 68. They are located in Rural Township, Shelby County, Illinois. This Harvey Bair is a very good candidate to be the son of Charles.

In 1930, there is a 30 year old Harvey Bair listed as a boarder in the household of John J. and Grace McGoogan in Maplewood, St. Louis County, Missouri page 7b. Harvey was born in Illinois, his parents were born in the United States, and he is a Book Keeper for a Lead Co.

A Harvey L Bair, born 1899 in Illinois, was found in the U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records at ancestry. He enlisted as a Private on June 12, 1942 at Albany, Essex County, New York. He was a single man, without dependents.

The Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002 on ancestry show that a Harvey L Bair, age 43 born about 1900, was married on March 6, 1943 to Elizabeth Burton. She was 40 years old, born about 1903. They were married at Webster Grover, St Louis, Missouri.

And finally, the Social Security Death Index shows a Harvey Bair who was born December 23, 1899 and died in September 1978. Last Residence and Last Benefit was Keyport, Monmouth, New Jersey. His social security card was issued in Missouri.

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