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Franklin Henry Bair 1862-1948

Franklin Henry Bair was enumerated as Franklin Bair in the household of Franklin and Emily (Robison) Bair in the 1870 Whitley County, Indiana census. He was six years old, which makes his year of birth about 1863-4. He was presumably named after his father, Franklin Bair, and his mother's father, Henry Robison.

The only child of Franklin and Emily that I was able to find in Whitley County in 1880, Franklin is listed as a boarder in the household of Henry Miller: Frank Bair, age 17, laborer, born Indiana, parents born Ohio.

On January 31, 1886 Franklin H. Bair was married to Nettie S. Ellis in Whitley County, Indiana. The marriage application shows that he will be 24 years old on his next birthday (i.e. 23 years old and born about 1863). He was born in Columbia City and his parents are given as Franklin H. Bair and Emily Robinson. His wife, Nettie S. Ellis, was 22 years old, born in Ohio, and was the daughter of E. H. Ellis and E. Keller.

His father's obituary of 1917 stated that Frank lived in Iowa and we have the following entry in Eagle Township, Black Hawk County, Iowa that fits the criteria for Franklin (born 1862-1864 in Indiana).
F. Henry Bair, head of household, June 1862, 37, married 14 years, born Indiana, father born Pennsylvania, mother born Indiana, farmer
Nettie, wife, Mar 1863, 37, married 14 years, 2 children 2 living, born Ohio, father born Missouri, mother born Ohio
Myrtle, daughter, Nov 1886, 13, born Iowa
Albert, son, July 1895, 4, born Iowa
George W. Blough, relationship is blank, Aug 1883 [sic], 26, single, born Pennsylvania

In 1910 Franklin was back in Indiana! We found him and his family in Spencer Township, Jennings County, Indiana. (Did he move back to Iowa before his father's death? Or, perhaps more likely, his father was unaware of his return to Indiana. Jennings county is located in the south east corner of Indiana.)
Franklin H. Bair, head, 47, married once, married 24 years, born Indiana, father born Pennsylvania, mother born Indiana, farmer, general farm
Nettie S., wife, 47, married once, married 24 years, born Ohio, father born Missouri, mother born Ohio
Myrta F., daughter, 23, single, born Iowa
Franklin A., son, 15, single, born Iowa
Franklin and his family certainly moved around. The WWI Draft Registration Card for Franklin Albert Bair, dated June 5, 1917 gives his home address as Dunnell, Minnesota. And in 1920 we find the family in Lake Fremont Township, Martin County, Minnesota.
Franklin H. Bair, head, 57, married, born Indiana, parents born Indiana, Operator, Farm
Ellis N., wife, 57, married, born Ohio, father born Missouri, mother born Ohio [Ellis was Nettie's maiden name]
Meartie M., daughter, 32, single, born Iowa, House Keeper, Farm
Franklin A., son, 25, single, born Iowa, Machinist, Automobile

After yet another move, they were found in 1930 at Wood River, Burnett County, Wisconsin.
F. Henry Bair, head, owns home valued at $1200, 68, married, first married at age 23, born Indiana, father born Pennsylvania, mother born Indiana, Farmer
Nettie, wife, 68, married, first married at age 23, born Ohio, father born Missouri, mother born Ohio
Mryta, daughter, 42, single, born Iowa

A check of the Burnett County, Wisconsin website shows that Franklin, his wife, and daughter are buried in Riverside Cemetery.
Franklin Henry Bair was born 12 Jun 1862 and died 27 May 1948
Nettie Bair, born 05 Mar 1862 died 01 Oct 1939
Myrta Bair, born 23 Nov 1885 died 14 Nov 1984

Myrta died just a few days before her 99th (or 98th) birthday!! The 1900 census gives her birth date as Nov 1886 as does the Social Security Death Index. It shows that Myrta Bair was born November 23, 1886 and died Nov 1984. Her last residence was Grantsburg, Burnett County, Wisconsin and her social security card was issued in Wisconsin.


World War I Draft Registration Cards on ancestry have an entry for Franklin Albert Bair. He was 22 years old, born July 17, 1894 in La Porte City, Iowa. His home address is Dunnell, Minn. He is single and a farmer. He signed his name as Albert Bair. He is of medium height and medium build, has brown eyes and dark brown hair. He registered for the draft on June 5, 1917 in the Lake Fremont precinct in Martin County, Minnesota.

In 1930, he was found in Newton City, Jasper County, Iowa (page 4b). He is listed as a Lodger in the household of Harry and Louise Hale and their three children: Albert Bair, age 35, Divorced, born Iowa, father born Indiana, mother born Ohio, Welder, Washing Machine Factory, veteran of WWI.

The Social Security Death Index has an entry for a Franklin Bair, born July 17, 1894 and died September 1980. His last residence and last benefit was listed as Frederic, Polk County, Wisconsin. His social security card was issued in Arizona.


Unless their son married again, there is a good probability that Franklin Henry Bair and his wife Nettie have no living descendants ;-(

Update January 17, 2009: Funeral Notices posted for Franklin and Nettie Bair.

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