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Ella/Ellen Robison and C. M. Kimball

Ella Robison, also known as Ellen, was born on July 20, 1868 and was the first child born to Henry and Lucy Robison who lived most of their lives in Troy Township, Whitley County, Indiana.

In 1870, two year old Ellen is living with her parents in Etna Township, Whitley County. The record shows that she was born in Indiana. In 1880, Ella is 11 years old, living with her parents in Troy township. That record also shows that she was born in Indiana.

On February 13, 1897 Ella Robison was married to C. M. Kimball in Whitley County, Indiana by Rev. D. W. Sanders. The application for marriage shows that C. M. was a 29 year old farmer born in Converse, Indiana. His father was A. D. Kimball and his mother's maiden name was Haupt. Ella was 27 years old with place of birth given as Three Oaks, Michigan. Her father is Henry Robison and her mother's maiden name is Straight. (In census records, sometimes Ella's place of birth is Indiana and other times it is Michigan.)

In the 1904 obituary of her father she is mentioned as Mrs. Ella Kimbal, of Mt. Carmel, Illinois. Three years later, the 1907 obituary of her mother stated that Mrs. Ella Kimmel was still living at Mt. Carmel (which is the county seat of Wabash County, Illinois). Up until two days ago, that was all the information I had on Ellen.

A search for Ellen Kimball, born 1868, in the 1900 census resulted in one likely candidate in Crane Township, Paulding County, Ohio (page 127a). A bit of a surprise since I expected to find them in Illinois!
Clyde M Kimball, head, Feb 1868, 32, married 3 years, born Indiana, father born Ohio, mother born Illinois, farmer
Ellen, Wife, July 1868, 31, married 3 years, no children, born Michigan, parents born Ohio

In 1910 a search for Ella Kimball, born 1868, didn't bring up anything that was even close. A search for Clyde Kimball brought up an entry for Clyde Kiebel with a wife named Ella. Some kind soul had sent in a correction for Clyde with the surname Kimbel and it was the last entry for "Clyde" in the results list. They were in Lickprairie, Wabash County, Illinois (page 5a)
Clyde Kimball, head, 42, married once 13 years, born Indiana, father born Ohio, mother born Illinois, farmer, own income
Ella, wife, 40, married once 13 years, 4 children 4 living, born Michigan, parents born Ohio
Henrietta, daughter, 9, born Ohio
A. D., son, 8, born Ohio
Louisa, daughter, 5, born Illinois
Mae, daughter, 1, born Illinois

1920 finds the family has moved again. They were found in Hay Township, Gladwin County, Michigan (page 2b)
Clyde M Kimball, head, 51, married, born Indiana, farmer
Ella, wife, 50, born Indiana
Henrietta S., daughter, 18, born Ohio, teacher
Admiral Daniel, son, 17, born Ohio, farm laborer
Louise C., daughter, 14, born Illinois
Mae E., daughter, 10, born Illinois

In 1930 they were still in Hay Township, Gladwin County, Michigan (page 2b)
Clyde M Kimball, head, 62, married, first married at age 28, born Indiana, father born Ohio, mother born Illinois, farmer
Ella I., wife, 61, married, first married at age 27, born Michigan, father born Ohio, mother born New York
A. Daniel, son, 27, single, born Ohio, farm laborer

A WorldConnect database provided the dates of birth for Clyde, Ella, and their children as well as a reference to the "History and Genealogy of the Thomas J. and Henrietta Howells Powell Families by W. D. Shirk. Fairfield, Iowa Ledger Printing House, 1918, which is available online at Google Books. On page 140, in a listing of the four children of Abner Daniel Kimball and Hennetta [or Henrietta ?] Haupt, we find that Clyde Moses was born February 16, 1868. A little further on the same page is the information about his family: "Clyde M. graduated at State Medical college, Indiana, 1892, with post-graduate work in surgery at Physicians and Surgeons college, Chicago. Married Ella Robison Feb. 13, 1898 [sic], born July 20, 1868, daughter of Henry and Lucy Robison. To this union 4 children were born: Hennetta, May 8, 1901; Abner Daniel, July 29, 1903; Louise, Oct. 23, 1906; Mae, Feb. 13, 1908. Clyde is a good, kind husband and father, has a big heart in just the right place."

What I find odd about this little paragraph is the statement that Clyde graduated from medical school. Not only that, but he did post-graduate work in surgery. Why is that odd? Well, in each of the four census records in which he was found, Clyde's occupation is listed as farmer!

So, to summarize, this is what I have now on Clyde and Ella:
  • Clyde Moses Kimball was born February 16, 1868 in Indiana.
  • He married Ella Robison on February 13, 1897 in Whitley County, Indiana.
  • Ella/Ellen Robison was born July 20, 1868 in either Indiana or Michigan.
  • After their marriage they moved to Paulding County, Ohio.
  • Between 1903 and 1906 they moved from Ohio to Wabash County, Illinois.
  • Between 1910 and 1920 they moved from Illinois to Gladwin County, Michigan.
Clyde and Ella had four children:
  1. Henrietta Kimball, born May 8, 1901 in Ohio
  2. Abner Daniel Kimball, born July 29, 1903 in Ohio
  3. Louise Kimball, born October 23, 1906 in Illinois
  4. Mae Kimball, born February 13, 1908 in Illinois
As always, more Questions:
  • Did Clyde ever actually practice medicine?
  • Was Ella/Ellen born in Indiana or Michigan?
  • Did Clyde and Ella stay in Michigan after 1930?
  • What happened to their children?
  • Where and when did they all die?

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