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Robison/Robinson Families of Whitley County, Indiana

In the third update of the Genea-Bloggers Games I mentioned that I had responded to an inquiry regarding a possible kinship with Henry Robison (abt 1794-1852) and his wife Ann(a). The only thing I have to connect me to Henry and Anna is this photograph of Henry Robison, Jr. On the back of that photo my 2nd great grandmother, Malissa Joslin Brubaker, wrote "Uncle Henry and Aunt Lucy Robison my angle Mothers brother." Her mother was Lydia Robison who married Lysander Joslin.

My correspondent descends from James Robison and his wife Tabitha Scott. It is possible that James is a brother of Lydia and Henry Jr. but more research needs to be done.

This is what we know about Henry and Anna (sources will be provided upon request):
  • The surname has been found in records as Robison, Robinson, and Robenson.
  • Lydia Robison was born in or near Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio on October 10, 1825.
  • Henry Robison Jr. was also born in Champaign County, on January 7, 1833.
  • The transcribed death record for Henry Jr. gives his parents as Henry Robison and Anna McMorron. I haven't seen the original record but have reason to believe that Anna's maiden name could be McMorrow rather than McMorron.
  • The will of Henry Sr. dated August 8, 1851 only mentions three children: Eliza Jane, Henry, and Emily.
  • In the 1830 ancestry census index there are 3 Robison families in Champaign County (George, Ephraim, and Joseph). There is a Henry Rolison listed in the index whose surname in the record looks like it could be Robison.
  • Also in 1830, there are six households with the Robinson surname (Abraham, Allin, Asa, John, Joshua, Ralph, and William).
  • In the 1840 ancestry census index there are no families with the surname Robison in Champaign County. There are 10 families found with the surname Robinson, including Henry.
  • The 1840 census record for Henry Robison indicates that at least eight "children" lived in the household (two males and five females) that were of the right age to be the three known children of Henry and Anna. Lydia and James also "fit" in the household.
  • By 1850 there were no Robison families in Champaign County but there are "a lot" of Robinson's in the census index for Champaign County, including 79 year old Abraham who was born about 1771 in Virginia.
  • Henry Robison and his wife Ann sold 80 acres of land in Champaign County on May 1, 1840. Forty acres of that property had been purchased in 1835 and forty more in 1836.
  • Henry Robison and family moved from Champaign County, Ohio to Whitley County, Indiana after the 1840 census but prior to the 1850 census, probably shortly after they sold their land, mentioned above, in May 1840.
  • Except for two individuals with the Robison surname listed in separate households, Henry and Ann are the only Robison family in the Whitley county census in 1850.
  • There are two Robinson families in Whitley county in 1850. Lyman Robinson was born about 1812 in New York and Perry Robinson was born about 1820 in Virginia.
  • The 1850 census for Whitley County shows that Henry Sr. and Ann were born in "Pa".
  • The 1880 census for Lydia shows that her father was born in Virginia and her mother in "Penn"
  • Ann Robison sold 80 acres of land on August 15, 1855 in Whitley County. I have not yet found the record for when that land was purchased. Also listed in the record were Eliza Jane, Emily, and Henry Robison.
It should also be noted that there are numerous Robison/Robinson families listed in the census indexes for the neighboring counties of Kosciusko, Elkhart and Allen but only one Henry of the right age, that one being the one in Whitley County.

Early Whitley County, Indiana marriage records provide some names for additional research. Those with "++" at the end of their entry have been identified as family members. I don't know how or if the others are connected to Henry Sr. and Anna Robison. They are on my "to do" list. I'm including these here in the hopes that someone else might have information on them and, if so, hopefully they will contact me.
  • Phebe Robinson to Daniel Eldred on May 13, 1841
  • Perry Robison to Elizabeth Buck on August 1, 1841
  • Lydia Robinson to Lysander Price Joslin on August 23, 1843 ++
  • Lucy Ann Robinson to Warren Burch on November 2, 1843
  • Jane Robinson to John Misner on May 28, 1844
  • James Robinson to Tabitha Jane Scott on January 1, 1846 ++?
  • Eliza Jane Robison to William McMannen on September 2, 1855 ++
  • Emily Robinson to Franklin Bair on April 27, 1861
  • Rebecca Jane Robison to McDonal Lunnon on January 21, 1864
  • Henry Robison to Lucy Ann Scott on October 10, 1867 ++
  • Freeman W Robinson to Mary E McFann on September 22, 1868
  • Emma A Robinson to John Van Liew on August 9, 1869
  • Tobitha [sic] Robinson to Joseph Mintz [sic] on June 26, 1871 ++?
  • John W Robinson to Matilda A Kerr on February 22, 1872
  • P L Robinson to Williametta Merriman on May 18, 1875
  • Adda Robinson to Albert McBride on September 2, 1876
  • Charles Robison to Theresa Wolf on February 25, 1882
  • Frank Robison to Cora B Beard on August 23, 1891 ++
  • Willis C Robinson to Lillie Garrison on December 25, 1892
  • Ella Robinson to C M Kimball on February 13, 1897 ++
  • Frederick Robison to Lulu Warnick on October 3, 1908
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