Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog Feed Issues?

Anyone else out there having a "problem" with Feedburner and blog posts not showing up in a "reasonable" amount of time?

This was posted at 10:15 AM today (March 30, 2009)

It showed up in my Google Reader 12 hours later, at 10:43 PM (March 30, 2009), after I posted this at 10:28 PM on the 30th. The post from earlier today still hasn't shown up in Bloglines.

It's been happening for the past few days. Actually, it has been several times in the past month. I checked Feedburner Help Group and it is apparently affecting a lot of people and mostly blogs on Blogger.

Just wondering if other genea-bloggers are having the same problem...


  1. I've seen the same thing with the feeds the power the blogroll at Geneabloggers - there is a delay and about an hour ago there seemed to have been a total meltdown - I couldn't even get the page to load since it was dependent upon the feeds for Madness Monday, Tombstone Tuesday, etc.

    And we thought Feed Burner would get better with the switchover to Google accounts?

  2. Some of the feeds have been so slow that I've read other bloggers reaction to a post that hasn't shown up in my feed reader yet. I always seem to be so far behind that that is the only time I really notice it.

  3. Yes, I noticed it too. Seems that several updaters and sites are slow today.

  4. Three of my "delayed" posts finally showed up in my feed reader a couple of hours ago. I hope that means that Feedburner/Blogger has fixed the problem...I just checked the Feedburner Status Blog and they issued an update at 3:20 PST saying "Blogger has resolved the original issue; FeedBurner feeds based on Blogger content should now stay regularly up-to-date." Yay!!

  5. I have almost a 2 month delay on my posts to when it shows up on Bloglines. I just don't know what to do.

  6. Crystal - I don't know what to tell you to do either. My feed has been working fine since the first of April...


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