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Joslin Family :: Irwin's Letter of March 25th

1002 E. Tripp
Peoria, Illinois 61603
March 25, 1969

Dear Mrs Ferguson,

I was very happy to receive your letter of March 21st. I was also glad to get your invitation to come to Indiana sometime & discuss the Joslin family tree. If it would be convenient for you I would like to plan on doing that sometime when I am on vacation this year which is the week of July 28th and August 4th. We would like to spend a day or two in your part of Indiana.

I am afraid I misled you in saying my Grandmothers name was Phoebe Dorcas as if Dorcas was a last name. It was Phoebe Dorcas Elliott. She also named a daughter Phoebe Dorcas (my Aunt Phoebe - Mrs Frank Kutz who lives in Chicago).

What information do you have on James Joslin who married Abigail Goodrich? Was James Joslin born in America? Your letter states they came to Indiana in 1834. I just wonder what you know of them before that time. Do you have names of his children?

I am sending you copies of some of the data I have accumulated. Some of it is from a family bible my Aunt Phoebe has. Some of it are my father's (Virgil Newton Joslin) writings which are quite personal but tell a lot of history also. Some are from a notebook he had at age 14. Notice in there that he referred to his mother as Mrs. Dott Joslin and another place as D. Joslin so possibly she was called Dott or Dorothy. Also note on the next page pg. 2 he lists her as Phoebe D. Joslin. On Page 4 he has again Phoebe Dott Elliott.

In this same notebook my Dad put down a lot of names of people he knew at various places he lived. I ran a copy of pg. 10 & 11 where he listed a lot of people in Whitley County Indiana. Perhaps you know some of them. It appears on a map that North Webster is not too far from Larwill.

Must close for now,
Sincerely, I. L. Joslin

=+==+= Some Notes Regarding the Letter =+==+=

I think you can tell how excited Irwin was about making contact just based on the date of his letters. Irwin's reply was written only four days after grandma's letter!

The copies that Irwin sent to grandma comprised 21 pages of information, some handwritten and some typewritten. One of the documents, 3 pages in length, was a timeline for Irwin's grandfather, Luther Marion Joslin which included all of the towns where he had lived in Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. There were several years in which the family moved four times!

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