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Joslin Family :: Grandma Invites Irwin to Visit

North Webster, Ind.
April 6, 1969

Dear Mr. Joslin:

Your most welcome letter received: I have marked my apointment book Aug. 2 and 3 - Irwin Joslin may come here today; I had to use these dates as I work five days a week and the weekend is open and free to entertain you and your family. I do hope you can arrange to be here on these dates as I can show you so many interesting things about your ancestors.

I am enclosing an obituary of your great-gr-grandfather which I found in an old scrap book of Grandma's. You will note that it lists your ancestor as Mrs. Joslin of Okla. I was disapointed that her given name was not used. I told my Aunt Hazlette, about you and she knew all the Elliots here, and as she is now 84 years old she may be able to tell us many things. There is a Robert Elliot in Larwill and she says he is Robert J. Elliots decendent. Yes I know all these people about Larwill. My five children graduated from Larwill High school.

A few years ago I found the 1850 census for Whitley Co. This is in the Ft. Wayne Library and Columbia City Library too. Ft. Wayne has one of the finest geneology departments in the U. S. Hope you can find time to visit there while on your vacation. This is the information I want to share with you:
Census 1850
Lysander P. Joslin age 25
Lydia Joslin 29
Anna E. 5
Mallisa 11 month

James Joslin age 54
Abagail Joslin 45
Edwin 20
Joseph 19
Emily 12
Mary 6
Bela Goodrich 74

Henry Robison age 56
Ann Robison 56
Eliza 22
Henry 17
Emily 15
Elizabeth 10
There are so many ways to find the answers to a lot of things we want to know about these people, but I seem to have so little time to work on it. However, I shall keep at this line now until you come in Aug. in the hope that I can help you. Hearing from you has given me incentive to work harder on this line. I am trying to trace all my ancestors on each branch. All my great grandparents were in Whitley county by 1850 and I am realy having a ball in working on this in my spare time.

=+==+= Some Notes Regarding the Letter =+==+=

I don't know if she wrote more at this time or not. There isn't another letter or page in her files that goes along with this.

The obituary she enclosed was for Robert J. Elliott, father of Luther Joslin's wife, Phoebe Dorcas Elliott. Robert died on December 6, 1893.

Lysander Joslin was found on page 471 of the Whitley County, Indiana census, James Joslin on page 472, and Henry Robison on page 461. No townships were given in the census for that year. Grandma misinterpreted Lydia's age on the census - by comparing other entries on the same page you can see that she was 24 years old, not 29.

Grandma seems to have that age-old problem that most genealogists encounter - not enough time to devote to research!

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