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Mary Joslin and John Whitted

First things first. There is no "proof" at this time that Mary D Joslin who married J C Whited on July 3, 1862 in Henry County, Illinois is the daughter of James and Abigail (Goodrich) Joslin. Her marriage record was found online in the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index as was the record of Abigal Joslin, who was married to Samuel K Pingree on June 30, 1870 also in Henry County, Illinois. The recent discovery that Abigail's son, Edwin, (listed as Edwn Josslyn, age 30, born in Ohio with wife Sarah, aged 22) was found in the town of Hanna, Henry County in 1860 is a good sign.

Some background information:

The 1850 census of Whitley County, Indiana shows Mary L. Joslin, age 6, born in Indiana in the household of James and Abigail Joslin (page 472). James was 54 years old, a farmer, born L C or S C [note: probably Lower Canada]. Abigail was 46 years old, born Connecticut. Also in the household were:
Edwin Joslin, 20, farmer, Real Estate $200, born Ohio
Joseph Joslin, 17, farmer, Real Estate $160, born Ohio
Emily E. Joslin, 12, born Ohio
Bela Goodrich, 74, born Connecticut [note: Abigail's father]

In 1860, the family of Abigail Joslin is still residing in Whitley County (Troy Township page 762). She is listed as 50 years old and born in Ohio. Listed with her are 25 year old Joseph, born in Ohio, and 17 year old Lucicia, born in Indiana. I could be wrong, but I am assuming that Mary L. in 1850 and Lucicia in 1860 are the same person.

The only other Joslin family listed in the 1850 and 1860 census in Whitley County, Indiana is Lysander P. Joslin (my 3rd great grandfather). In 1850 he is on page 471 and in 1860 he is on the same page as Abigail, three households away, separated by the households of Price Goodrich, Silas Goodrich (in which 83 year old Bela Goodrich resides), and Alfred Jorden. It should be noted that 26 year old Joseph Joslin, born Ohio, is listed in the household of his uncle, Price Goodrich. He is listed twice, on the same census page. And he aged a year in the process ;^)

You will note that Abigail's husband, James Joslin, is missing in the 1860 census. His whereabouts are not known. Did he die? He isn't listed in the cemetery records of Whitley County. There is no gravemarker for him in Adams Cemetery, where four of Lysander's young daughters are buried. Did he leave the area? Perhaps he went to Henry County, Illinois? We now know that Edwin was there in 1860, and that Abigail and Mary Lucicia followed soon after - assuming that the July 3, 1862 marriage of Mary D Joslin to J C Whited is actually Mary Lucicia.


So, on to Mary Joslin and J C Whited (Whitted, Whitehead). Again, I just want to note that I have no proof that this Mary Joslin is the same individual as Mary Lucicia, daughter of James and Abigail Joslin. I think she is. I hope she is. But with the information that is available at this time, I just don't know.

John C. Whitehead and wife Mary L. were found in 1870 in Henry County, Illinois (Hanna, P.O. Cleveland page 495). John Whitted and wife Mary were found in 1880 in the Village of Cleveland, Hanna Township (page 6b). The records show that they had four children, all born in Illinois: Henry Whitted, born about 1862, Dora Whitted born about 1865, Nellie Whitted born in 1870, and Fred Whitted born about 1878. - - Information has been found on Henry, Dora, and Fred. Nothing has been found on Nellie aside from her appearance in the 1870 and 1880 census records. John and Mary Whitted have not been found in the ancestry index for the 1900 census.

Two GenForum posts were found on the family, posted in 1998 and 2000 by Barbara Damewood. I sent her an email but it was returned so I posted a follow-up message to her 2000 post.

The first post (dated July 20, 1998) stated: "Fred C. Whitted b 1878 Ill d. 1945 Omaha Ne. m. Ina Dale Ball. His Father John C. Whitted b 1835 Ind. m. Mary Josclyn. Know siblings were Henry b 1865, Dora b.1863, Nellie b.1869, William b. 1880. John C. was a miner in Cleveland and Hannah Ill. in the 1880's."

The second post (dated April 23, 2000) said she was "Still looking for John C. Whitted. born 1835 He was the son of William Whitted and Aranatha Howard. John married Mary Joslin/Josclyn. Children were Henry, Dora, Fred, William and Nellie."

Hopefully, she is still looking and will see my follow-up post, or perhaps she will find this blog post and contact me. The subject of the second post was "John C. Whitted Indianna and Nebraska" so I looked for them in Nebraska, where I found Fred Whitted in Omaha, Douglas County, in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 census records. I haven't found him in 1930.

=+==+==+==+= Fred C. Whitted =+==+==+==+=

The census records show that Fred C. Whitted, youngest child of John C. and Mary (Joslin) Whitted was born in June 1878 in Illinois. He was a bell boy in a hotel in 1900, a wagon driver in 1910, and a brakeman for the railroad in 1920. His wife was Ina, born about 1885 in Iowa. They had six children: (1) son, Lyman, born about 1893-94 in Iowa. (2) daughter Fran or Fern, born 1905-06 in Nebraska (3) daughter Florence born abt 1907 in Nebraska (4) daughter Ina born about 1911 in Nebraska (5) daughter June born about 1915 in Nebraska and (6) daughter Jeannette born about 1917 in Nebraska.

The following entries for the Omaha City Directories (on were found for the Whitted surname:
  • In 1887, John C. Whitted was a helper at Howell Lumber Co, resided at 1501 S 17th.
  • In 1889, John C. Whitted resided at 1512 Marcy. There was also a Mrs. Mary Whitted listed as chambermaid at Planters Hotel. She may not be the wife of John since she resided at 623 S 17th. Also listed was Bert Whitted, a student residing at 1422 Dodge.
  • In 1892, Mrs. Mary F Whitted is listed as a cook, residing at 1323 Leavenworth.
  • In 1896, John C. Whitted is listed as a laborer rooming at 220 n 9th. Also listed is Wm. Whitted, bellboy Barker.
  • In 1898 we find Fred and Wm. Whitted, both working at The Paxton. Fred rooms at 624 s 16th while Wm rooms at 208 n 17th.
  • In 1899, Fred Whitted is a Bell boy at The Paxton rooming at 624 s 16th. We also have John C. Whitted rooming at 207 n 9th.
  • In 1910, Fred C. Whitted is a teamster residing at 3204 S 24th.
  • In the 1938-1939 directory we have Fred C. Whitted (Cond h4914 N 14th av), Ira O. and Emma A. Whitted (he is dept mgr Swift & Co r2720 Country Club av), Jeannette D. Whitted (r4914 N 14th av) and Warren Whitted (Student r2720 Country Club av)
So it looks like John C. Whitted was living in Omaha by 1887 and through 1896. Was his wife, Mary, with him? Did they die in Omaha? By 1898, son Fred Whitted was 20 years old and living outside the family home.

=+==+==+==+= Henry Whitted =+==+==+==+=

Henry Whitted, son of John C. and Mary (Joslin) Whitted, was found in the 1900 census in Dallas Township, Taylor County, Iowa (page 48a) and in 1910 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa (page 183). Those records show that Henry H. Whitted was born in April 1863 in Illinois, father born Tennessee, mother born Indiana.

Henry was married about 1890 to Harriett who was born in June 1872 in England. They had four children, all born in Iowa: Arthur born August 1893, Frederick born August 1897, Herbert J. born about 1902, and Helen born about 1906.

A family tree on ancestry shows that Henry's wife was Harriett Ann Anderson, daughter of Benjamin Anderson and Harriet Norcliffe, and that she died May 18, 1956 in Los Angeles, California. Henry's parents are listed as John and Mary Whitted. The tree does not give Henry's date or place of death.

According to that tree, John Arthur Whitted died in 1983 in California, Frederick William Whitted died in 1958 in Alameda, California and Helen married Harold Schelhorn and died in 1989 in California. There is no mention in that tree of a son named Herbert although there is a James H. Whitted born 1902 and died 1970 in Claremont, Los Angeles, California. In that family tree, James H. is listed as son of Henry and an unknown second wife.

Henry Whitted apparently died sometime between 1910 and 1920. His widow, Harriet Whitted, was found in the 1920 census in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa (page 13b). Residing with her was her son Herbert J., age 17, daughter Helen, age 13, son Arthur J., age 26. Arthur was married and his wife Mary, age 24, and their two children, Madaline 3 4/12, and Robert H., 2 1/12, were also listed.

In 1930, Harriet Whitted, was living in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska (page 14b) in the household of Samuel N. Hoyt. Samuel owned his home valued at $5000, was 59 years old, single, born in New Hampshire, and was a Medical Physician. Harriet was his housekeeper. She was 55 years old, a widow, and was born in England.

=+==+==+==+= Dora Whitted =+==+==+==+=

There were several ancestry trees that have Dora, daughter of John and Mary Whitted, as the wife of John Swartz. This one seemed to have the most information. A message has been sent to the database owner to see if she has any additional information and/or contact information for descendants, if any.

Dora A. Whitted, daughter of John and Mary Whitted, was born about 1865 in Illinois. She was married on April 10, 1884 to William John Swartz. William, son of Nancy Elizabeth Dee and John Swartz was born September 26, 1863 in Illinois and died November 25, 1925 in Charleston, South Carolina. They had one son, John Swartz born February 8, 1885.

They were found in the 1900 census in Jackson Township, Lee County, Iowa (page 22b). In 1920 they were residing on King Street in Charleston, South Carolina (page 247).

A passport application, filed on December 26, 1919 in Monroe County, Florida for William J. Swartz, states that he is applying for a passport for himself and his wife Dora A. Swartz. She was born in Henry County, Ill. On Feby. 17, 1865. William states that he was born in Hancock County, Ill. On the 26th day of Sept. 1863 and that his father, John Swartz was born in West Virginia and is now deceased. William's permanent residence was Charleston, South Carolina and his occupation was merchant. He was going abroad for 1 month, on business to Cuba, leaving from Key West, Florida on board the P. & O. S.S. Lines.

=+==+==+==+= =+==+==+==+=

If the Mary Joslin who married John C. Whitted is the daughter of James and Abigail Joslin, then I have located a sibling of my ancestor and added several families to my tree. If not, then it has still been fun researching these people and hopefully this information will be of help to someone else. It would really be nice to find a death record or obituary for Mary Joslin Whitted, which it appears, might be found in Henry County, Illinois or in Omaha, Nebraska sometime between 1880 and 1900.

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