Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks Gary! (Joslin family Update)

Up until about two hours ago, when I checked my email, I wasn't having a very good day. For three days in a row, I had actually felt really good. Then, last night I woke up at 2 a.m., which hasn't been all that unusual. Since I returned home from my surgery I've woken up several times during the night, nearly every night. But last night I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up and sat down at the computer and played around a bit with some files. About two hours later I went back to bed, tired and cold. I've been tired and cold all day. No energy at all. Bone tired. And chilled. Even snuggled up in my comfy chair with two throws wrapped around me. I was told there would be days like this, but I just didn't think it would wipe me out quite so much.

But, about two hours ago I checked my email and found two very welcome missives from Gary - comments that he had left in response to my post The Search for Edwin Mattoon Joslin. They certainly brightened my day! His first email stated "You didn't mention finding Edwin and family in 1860, so I thought I'd give it a shot. They were in Henry County, Illinois (town of Hanna, page 952). Edwn Josslyn was 30 years old, a farmer with real estate valued at $850 and a personal estate valued at $340, and he had been born in Ohio. Listed in his household were 22 year old Sarah, born in Ohio; F Arulla, age 5, born in Indiana; Alice, age 2, born in Illinois; and Pauline, age 7 months, born Illinois."

Now, I have no idea why I hadn't yet looked for Edwin in Illinois in 1860, but the fact is that I hadn't. And when I read Gary's message, the thought immediately came to mind was that it certainly lends credence to the possibility that the Abigail Joslin who married Samuel Pingree in Henry County in 1870 really is "my" Abigail, as briefly mentioned in this post a year ago.

The second message from Gary: "Hi Becky. Me again. :) I notice from a previous post that you have already discovered the record of marriage between Abigail Joslin and Samuel Pingree in Henry County, Illinois on 30 Jun 1870, although you indicated you weren't sure if this was your Abigail. Seems to me that it probably is since Edwin is now known to have lived there also. Abigail Pingree is listed on the 1870 census of that county as 65 years old, born in Connecticut. And did you notice the Henry County, Illinois marriage on 3 Jul 1862 between Mary Joslin and J C Whited? I looked them up on the 1870 census and it seems likely this is your Mary Lucicia Joslin mentioned above. They were found in Henry County, Illinois (Hanna, page 495). The household consists of John C Whitehead, a 37 year old coal hoister born in Indiana; Mary L, 28 years old, born in Indiana; Henry, 8 years old, born in Illinois; Dora A, 5 years old, born in Illinois; and Nellie, 3 months old, born in Illinois. Perhaps you had all this info already, but it was fun to look it up anyway."

I had indeed seen the marriage record of Mary D Joslin and J C Whited in the online Illinois Statewide Marriage Index but had not followed up on it. More research will need to be done, of course, but as Gary says in his comment she is a very good candidate to be the "missing" daughter of James and Abigail Joslin.

Follow-up research will be needed, and perhaps a trip to Henry County, Illinois this summer! Located in western Illinois, Henry County is part of the Davenport-Moline-Rock Island Metro Area. This 1875 Township Map of Henry County shows that Hanna Township, where Edwin M. Joslin was living in 1860 lies south of the Rock River. And, Phenix Township, bordering Hanna on the east, is where Abigail and Samuel Pingree lived in 1870 and 1880. The 1880 census shows that "Abigal" Pingree was 75 years old. She and her parents were both listed as born in Connecticut.

Oh, I just found a town named Joslin that is located across the Rock River from Henry County! Interesting.

Gary has helped me out in the past with several of his comments, and I certainly appreciate this additional information. Thank you Gary for making my day! People helping people - just one of the reasons I love blogging!


Bill West said...

Glad Gary made you feel better, Becky.
But you take it easy and get well!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to have this information, and a trip to look forward to. Recovery after surgery isn't a straight line, but I hope you don't have too many more "bad" days.

Anonymous said...

Makes blogging all the better - one of the best reasons we do it!

Hope you feel better soon!