Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Fargo Walk of Fame

Monday, August 15th - - Upon leaving Minnesota, I stopped at the Visitor Center in Fargo to see what there was to see in North Dakota. I wasn't going to be in the state long as I had a little Rendezvous in central South Dakota in a few days!

As I walking to the visitor center, I noticed a series of concrete “blocks” running alongside the sidewalk. Upon closer examination I saw footprints, hand prints and signatures of various celebrities preserved therein.

A little further along, a sign gave an explanation:
“Founded in 1989 by Fargo printer, Mike Stevens, the Walk of Fame was originally located on the city sidewalks of Mike's print shop, Express Print, in downtown Fargo. It was moved to the current site during the summer of 2000. The first inductee into the walk was Jazz trumpeter Al Hirt. Since then movie stars, musicians, authors, athletes, religious leaders and celebrities from all walks of life have joined the Walk of Fame. Mike privately funded all expenses for the first 95 celebrities, and felt it was a small way he could repay a community that's been so kind to him.”
So just call me a name dropper...

Hee Haw... Roy Clark.

He got kids to say the darnedest things! Art Linkletter.

Love these guys! The Oak Ridge Boys.

It was a long time ago, but I miss his television show; his humor. And he could sing pretty good too. Jimmy Dean.

What this guy could do with a basketball – amazing! Meadow Lark Lemon. I actually got to see him and the Globe Trotters play in person once and loved watching them perform on television.

He always came through and told us the rest of the story... Paul Harvey.

These fellows could sure put on a great show! Alabama.

A “Hoosier Gal” from Whitley County, Indiana - Janie Fricke.

I Love You, You Love Me… the big blue dinosaur, Barney. I can't tell you how many of his videos I watched over and over and over again with my nephew Zach, oh, 12-15 years ago! He's a big boy now!!

Gary knew what was going to happen before it happened – Gary Burghoff aka Radar O'Reilly.

He was one high-flying, fast-flying dude! Chuck Yeager.