Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's a Parade!

Saturday, August 20th - - There were numerous activities in Mellette County, South Dakota this week for their Centennial Celebration and annual Pioneer Days but today was the “big parade” in White River, the county seat, population 580 or thereabouts.

The Parade began with the American Legion Color Guard and the Community Band (on the float behind them) playing the National Anthem.

Of course, Horses were a big part of the parade. A little “artistic license” taken here with selective focus and sepia toning...

This four-horse team was quite impressive.

The “Centennial Christmas Tree” was decorated with sunflowers, amongst other things. The fields of Sunflowers in the area were so pretty and colorful.

Of course, there was some clowning around.

This gal was having way too much fun! I tried hard to get a full face photo of her but she was just moving around too quickly.

Quite the colorful character!

The parade was enjoyed by all. The threat of rain in the morning did not dampen spirits - the voice over the loudspeaker announced that we were part of the largest crowd ever in White River!


Carol said...

Horse photo, creative license and all, is stunning. The rest is just PURE fun! Glad you enjoyed your family reunion in South Dakota!

Michelle Goodrum said...

I love what you did with the horses. Absolutely beautiful. But then horses are my love.