Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Joslin Rendezvous :: Cemetery Walk

Saturday, August 20th - - Each time the Joslin Clan has visited the homestead, they stop by the small Cedar Butte Cemetery where about ten people are buried including two of their Hutcheson relatives, brothers of their mother/grandmother Mary Matilda Hutcheson Joslin.

George and Jim opening the gate to the cemetery.

And each time they visit, they have to go hunting and digging for the gravestones! Many years ago someone planted a few Iris near the graves and they have multiplied and multiplied until they cover a rather large area, including the two graves. A little poking and prodding and the graves were found.

BORN JAN. 5, 1896
DIED APR 3, 1930

BORN OCT 1, 1918
DIED AUG. 17, 1923

And each time they visit, they take home a few of the Iris bulbs. It was quite a chore digging up the bulbs with a little garden trowel, but Fred persevered.

The Iris patch. In the center, to the left and right are the two Hutcheson graves.

The Joslin Clan – Babs, Richard, George, Joann, Ruth, Tim, Jim, and Sue.

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