Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Roe-Dee-Oh :: Bronc Riding

Sunday, August 21st - - After attending a community church service (very interesting mix of speakers), a pot luck dinner (good food), and driving along nearly every street in town looking for the “birthing house” where Ruth, Jim and George were born (we didn't have an address but did have a picture of the house, which was eventually located), we went to the Rodeo.

For many of the Joslin Clan, this was their first Rodeo. I had been to several but never to a “full-blown real” rodeo. It was a lot of fun but lasted much longer than any of us thought it would – more than four hours! And because it was so long and so much was going on, there will be several posts covering the activities, and probably two posts a day for the next few days – with LOTS of photos! For me, part of the fun was in trying to capture some decent images that showed the action and the excitement.

These next four pictures are of the same horse and rider. The horse went down but the rider stayed with him... incredible ability and athleticism on the part of both the rider and the horse!



Carol said...

You caught em alright! More fabulous photos!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Incredible action photos. Do you have a setting where your camera will snap shots continuously?

Susan Clark said...

Superb job. I could almost feel the dust and smell the livestock.

Becky said...

Thank you Carol, Susan and Michelle.

Michelle - Nope. Not with the camera that was being used at the time. But it doesn't have a lot of "lag time" between shots so I was able to get some off pretty quickly.