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Switzer Family Number 1 :: Jacob and Elizabeth

This previous post was a summary of the Tax Lists, Land Records, and Census Records for each of the Jacob Switzers living in Columbiana County, Ohio and in that post this Jacob was identified as Jacob #1.

Jacob Switzer (the elder) was born February 28, 1761 and died October 27, 1841 ae 80y 7m 27d. Quite a few online family trees have him as the son of Peter Jacob Switzer (1715–1798) and Elizabeth Hefflefinger (1724–1838) but since there are no sources associated with this information, and I have received no response from the “submitters” that I have contacted, I am more than a little skeptical. Obviously, more research needs to be done! Several of these family trees also show that Jacob was married on February 19, 1786 to Elizabeth Hoke in Trinity Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth was born on February 7, 1766 and died on December 20, 1844. Jacob and Elizabeth are both buried in Switzer Cemetery, Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.

Recreating the family of Jacob and Elizabeth is complicated by the fact that Jacob did not leave a will, at least none that was recorded in Columbiana County, Ohio. There is no estate or probate file for him. The land that he had purchased in 1804 and for which he received the Patent certificate in 1808 was sold by Jacob and Elizabeth on January 20, 1832 to Daniel Switzer.

In the deed book, along with the record of the sale of the land, was a “mortgage” record that enabled Jacob and Elizabeth to remain living in their “mansion” and to be provided with substantial goods and services for the remainder of their lives. As a result, they would have actually owned very little at the time of their deaths, he in 1841 and she in 1844.

Census records provide a limited view of the family of Jacob and Elizabeth who resided in Salem Township.
  • 1820: Jacob Switzer with one male 16-25, one male 45 and over, one female 10-15, two females 16-25, one female 26-44 and one female 45 and over.
  • 1830: Jacob Swetser with one male 60-69, one female 40-49, one female 60-69
  • 1840: Jacob Switzer with one male 70-79 and one female 70-79
Making the assumption that all those listed are children of Jacob and Elizabeth, their family may have included, among others (keep in mind they were reportedly married in 1786, and if so, there are likely additional older children):
  • one male born 1795-1804
  • one female 1805-1810
  • two females 1795-1804
  • one female 1776-1794
  • one female 1781-1790
In three earlier posts we have identified the families of the other three Jacob Switzers, any one of whom could conceivably be a son of Jacob and Elizabeth. They are: (#4) Jacob G. and Catherina, (#3) Jacob and Polly, and (#2) Jacob and Catherine.

Looking at the early marriage records of Columbiana County and “eliminating” those previously identified with the other families, we have the following who could also be children of Jacob and Elizabeth:
  • George Switzer to Catharine Macherman on 14 Jul 1811 (v1 p106)
  • John Switzer to Elisabeth Wisbaum [Nusbaum] on 07 May 1818 (v2 p7)
  • Daniel Switzer to Elisabeth Litler [Sitler] on 25 Nov 1819 (v2 p45)
  • Barbara Switzer to David Lower on 06 Dec 1821 (v2 p100)
  • Martin Switzer to Mary Sitler on 28 Mar 1822 (v2 p109)
  • Mary Switzer to John Miller on 18 Mar 1823 (v2 p137)
  • Nancy Switzer to Frederick Roose on 28 Oct 1824 (v2 p183)
In the online family trees that I have reviewed, and by no means have I reviewed all of them, the majority show only one daughter and three sons for Jacob and Elizabeth, all born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Elizabeth, John, Daniel and Martin.


The information below is compiled from online data including FamilySearch (Columbiana County, Ohio Marriages; Ohio Death Records), Ancestry (Census Records 1820 through 1850, Family Trees), WorldConnect and other online trees as well as Find A Grave. Specific sources are available upon request.

It has not been “proven” that any of the people listed below are children of Jacob and Elizabeth Switzer, I'm sure some of them are but I don't have any “real” documentation or sources. I'm just putting the information “out there” in the hopes that someone researching these families might have family records (a Bible, perhaps) or other other information that could help prove or disprove relationships... and I'm also hoping that those researchers will contact me!


Elizabeth Switzer was born December 25, 1786. Her birth was apparently recorded in the records of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I have not verified this and I have no additional information on her. If she was living at the time, she was likely already married when her parents moved to Columbiana County, Ohio.


Jacob Switzer, but which of the three, if any? More on this theory in a future post...


George Switzer died prior to July 3, 1813 when his estate was admitted to probate. Sadly, the only document in the probate file simply stated “Support for widow and children” and noted that Catherine Switzer was appointed administrator. Presumably this would be the George Switzer who married Catherine Macherman on July 14, 1811.


John Switzer was born December 12, 1790 and died April 25, 1860. He was married to Elisabeth Nusbaum on May 7, 1818. They are both buried in Bowman Cemetery, Columbiana County, Ohio.
John was enumerated in the census records from 1820 through 1850 in Elkrun Township, Columbiana County. In the 1850 census he owns real estate valued at $3,000 and his place of birth is given as Pennsylvania. Members of his household included his wife, Elizabeth, and (presumably) three children: James age 19; Mary age 22; and Elizabeth age 16. Earlier census records indicate that there may have been three more sons and another daughter.
The will of Elizabeth Switzer was admitted to probate on August 6, 1863 (File 5553) in which she left “all my goods, and Chattles, Moneys and credits which I may have at the time of my death except so much as may be necessary to pay my debts and funeral expenses” to “my daughter Mary Ann Switzer”. The will was signed December 21, 1860, witnessed by Clement V. Crow and George Turner. The final account was submitted by James Switzer, administrator, probably in 1867 (the latest date on the account was August 4, 1867).

Daniel Switzer was born October 16, 1795 and died August 23, 1872. Daniel was married to Elisabeth Sitler on November 25, 1819. They are both buried in Switzer Cemetery, Columbiana County, Ohio
In the 1820 through 1850 census records, Daniel was listed in Salem Township, Columbiana County (I haven't gone further than 1850, yet.) In the 1850 census he owns real estate valued at $3,000 and his place of birth is given as Pennsylvania. In addition to his wife Elizabeth there were three presumed children in the household: Henry age 21, David age 17 and Samuel age 14. Earlier census records indicate that there may have been three more sons and a daughter.

Barbara Switzer was married to David Lower on December 6, 1821. David and Barbary Lower (age 53 and 51, respectively) were found in the 1850 census in Marlboro Township, Stark County, Ohio residing in the household of Elias Lower, age 20. Also in the household were Delila, age 20 (she had real estate valued at $3,000); Meary, age 1; Merthias, age 17; and Lydia, age 11. Elias and Merthias were both farmers. All members of the household were reported to have been born in “O” (Ohio).
I found one online tree for them that shows that Barbara was born April 10, 1801 and died September 29, 1867. She is buried in Marlboro Cemetery, Stark County, Ohio as is her husband. That tree does not have any parents listed for Barbara.

Martin Switzer was born August 17, 1797 and died December 18, 1878. He married Mary Sitler on March 28, 1822. They are both buried in Oakdale Cemetery in Leetonia, Columbiana County, Ohio.
Census records for 1830 through 1850 show that Martin was living in Salem Township, Columbiana County. The 1850 census shows that he was a farmer with real estate valued at $3,000. His place of birth was listed as Pennsylvania. Listed in his household were his wife Mary age 47 and born in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth age 13, and Francis G. Switzer age 6 both born in Ohio. The 1830 and 1840 census records indicate that there may have been three more sons and two more daughters.

Mary Switzer was married to John Miller on March 18, 1823. I have to admit that I haven't done any research on Mary Miller other than finding one online family tree that had her included.
That tree had her parents listed as Jacob Switzer and Elizabeth Sitler. This was the only tree that I saw that had a different maiden name for Elizabeth and was one of the few that had more than the four children listed for Elizabeth and Jacob. My email to the submitter of the tree has gone unanswered.
According to that online tree, Mary Switzer was born March 25, 1805 and died July 19, 1866 in Columbiana County, Ohio. Her husband, John Miller, was born about 1798 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Thirteen children are listed for Mary and John Miller.

Nancy Switzer married Frederick Roose on October 28, 1824. Again, due to limitations in internet access since I've been traveling, I have done no research on Nancy. I did find one online tree for the family but no parents were given for Nancy.
That family tree shows that Nancy Switzer was born June 27, 1803 and died March 19, 1872. Her husbanc, Frederick Roose was born in 1799 in York, Pennsylvania and died September 12, 1854 in Stark County, Ohio. Nancy and Frederick are buried in Beechwood Cemetery in Washington Township, Stark County. There are nine children listed for Nancy and Frederick Roose.

As stated before, much more research needs to be done with these families to validate or negate any specific relationships. I wish that I could somehow predict which of these families would be “the one” to investigate further. Which family has a descendant interested in their family history? Which descendant holds the key, the “prize” document that will unlock all the secrets?

Now, where did I put that Crystal Ball? Or perhaps I should dig out that Ouija Board that Grandma Fergie gave us kids for Christmas one year back in the mid-1960s? Well, in its place the best I can do, for now, is post this information here at kinexxions and hope that some interested party happens by and contacts me (

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